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AddressReport mines millions of public records to reveal the unbiased truth about any address. Never move into an apartment without seeing its AddressReport.

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  • crime
  • demographic data
  • building complaints & violations
  • bed bugs, roaches, rats
  • plumbing, heat, and hot water
  • subway access, commute times
  • street and construction noise
  • development & alteration history
  • and much more!

Why we created the Rentenna Apartment Review Score...

May 31, 2011

You shouldn't have to visit a dozen websites and create complicated spreadsheets to find the right apartment!

There are so many factors that go into finding the right apartment! "Is this a good deal?" "Is the neighborhood safe?" "Is the landlord reliable?" At Rentenna, our mission is to make apartment hunting as easy as possible. We research all the important things about a building that you'd normally have to search for on your own, across any number of websites. We then weigh all these pieces of data against each other and condense the whole mess into a single number, the Rentenna Score. Using our score, you can quickly hone in on the best rentals in the city that match your search criteria.

The Rentenna Team is the partnership of a seasoned New York City rental agent who went on to become the rental expert for both the New York Times and the Examiner (as well as having been featured on MSNBC, Channel 11 News, the Village Voice)... along with 3 interwebs nerds. What that means is, we've taken the human knowledge of someone who knows the ups and downs of renting in NYC and quantified it using algorithms, maths, robots, lasers, monkeys...

What else can we say about Rentenna that hasn't already been said? Ummm... well... everything. We've just launched! Please kick around the site and contact us with any feedback, bug reports or just to say hi!