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Where to Watch the Olympics 2012 in NYC

July 19, 2012

So you have a problem: you can't afford a trip to the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Let's face it: in this economic climate, you can't even afford a trip to London. However, you still want the infectious nature, waves of people, and inebriety of a full on Olympics sports event. Where do you go to watch the Olympics in NYC, 2012? Turns out, there's plenty of places that will offer a great community of people to cheer, laugh, and cry with your fellow Americans in the pursuit for gold. Check them out here.

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Tonic Bar | Times Square

Head over to Times Square, and look for the large blinking Tonic sign. Tonic Bar is usually covering baseball or football training camps at this time of the year, will certainly be dedicated to the great spectacle of the Olympics, and if the event you want to see is a major one, it will almost definitely be on one of their sixteen bazillion televisions.

Olympic PubCrawl 2012 | Times Square is offering exactly what the name suggests: access to dozens of bars not only in Times Square, but throughout all of Manhattan, for the current all-time low price of $10 for a 16-day crawl and $1 for July 27th, the day of the Opening Ceremonies. There'll be drinks, crowds of people, and tons of Olympics celebrators throughout the pubs this Olympics 2012; New Yorkers don't pass up chances to party, and this is the opportunity of a lifetime (or every 4 years, whatever).

Bars Throughout NYC

Smithfield Bar

Smithfield in NYC has classic draft beers, walls and walls of television, and a fixation on football: a great idea if you're looking to catch the Olympics football competition this year. You can't go wrong with this choice.

Brother Jimmy's | Hell's Kitchen

Brother Jimmy's is a classic Southern BBQ and fries place, with amazing burgers, wings, and everything else that can be deep fried. If you're looking for a place as patriotic as they come, this will be a great place to watch the action.

Mulholland's Sports Bar

Mulholland's, in Brooklyn, offers the classic sports bar experience: excellent hot wings, Bud Light, and a whole lotta testosterone. It has 12 HD Plasma TVs, and if that isn't enough, many smaller ones peppered throughout the bar. A great place for you Brooklyn residents to watch the Olympics.