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Upcoming New York Events 2012 | Things to Do in New York

September 04, 2012

Labor Day weekend is over, but your desire for entertainment, parties, and general procrastination still hasn't been sated. What's there to do in the Big Apple? Plenty, of course. Upcoming New York events include the all-popular Global Festival 2012, concerts ranging from Gotye to Bon Iver, and a weird-ass living room being built next to Christopher Columbus in Midtown. Check out the following for 5 things you DON'T want to miss in the next month:

Discovering Columbus | Tatsu Nishi's Flying Living Room

Guess what's going up into the sky in Midtown this month? No, it's not Batman, or Superman, or Eli Manning rising from his brother's shadow. It's the eyebrows of everyone who passes by the Columbus Circle and realizes Christopher Columbus has been replaced by a floating living room:

That's right. Artist Tatsu Nishi, a Japanese visionary whose only goal in life has apparently been to look Christopher Columbus in the eye while lounging around in a La-Z-Boy drinking some Bud Light, is erecting a six story scaffolding around the statue so that he can build a thoroughly American living room covered with pop culture icons. Visitors can head up to visit the conquistador himself with a free reservation, though you'll want to book early: registration opens September 12th, and we feel like the demand's gonna be out of the roof. No word yet on what happens when Tatsu Nishi accidentally knocks the tower down while building his living room.

The Global Festival NYC | Neil Young, Foo Fighters

As we've mentioned before, the Global Festival is another charity festival along the lines of We Are the World, but this time, they're requiring you to practice some healthy slacktivism to get those venerated tickets. Why slacktivism? Because you can get 2 out of the 3 points necessary to join the raffle for tickets simply by giving them your email and watching a short video. However, regardless of the effectiveness of this concert, it's sure to be a blast. Attending are the Foo Fighters, Neil Young, the Black Keys, and many more bands you've vaguely heard of but forgotten all their song names. If you're looking for a free concert, this is the one to go to.

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Visit Lady Liberty's Crown Again

For the first time in over a year, we now have access to the head and mind of Lady Liberty; however, if she existed, her only thoughts would probably be "screw you guys for nailing stuff inside my skull the entire past year." That's right. The Statue of Liberty, after undergoing renovations to her 393 steps and elevators leading to her base, is now open again to the public from the crown down. Reservations are required to tour the statue's interior; however, the actual visitation prices are pretty low, so try to snap some reservations up before they're all out!

NYC Food and Film Festival

Clearly, there's a severe shortage of two things in the average American's lifestyle right now: sitting around watching movies, and sitting around eating food. NYC's Food Film Festival aims to cure these two crippling problems by offering you the identical delicacies to what's being served on screen, creating a pleasant, creative, and altogether fattening way to experience theater. For more news on how to induce heart disease in two simple steps while having an incredible time, check out and see if they've got showings that match your schedule! September

We know what you're thinking. There's no possible way you could make it to October without having another taste of that delicious frothy mix of German beer, American groupies, and altogether merriness that forms the annual Oktoberfest. So that's why some of these guys have decided to bring you it in September. Introducing the German-American Steuben Parade of New York, which is basically an altogether overly long way of saying "beer everywhere." It's on Saturday, September 15th on Fifth Avenue, and as a plus, you'll probably get to see Miss German-America cruising along the parade route at some time. Not that anyone knew that title existed before reading this article, mind you.