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Tribeca Rentals | Finding the Best Place in the Best Neighborhood in New York

June 13, 2012

Alright, we tried not to play favorites in the whole "Best Neighborhoods" shebang. But honestly, some boroughs just have cooler neighborhoods than the others. (We're looking at you, Staten Island.) If you were drawn in by the suave, star-studded neighborhood of Tribeca, Manhattan, boy have we got some Tribeca Rentals for you. Here's some great options for apartment rentals in Tribeca; snap them up before anybody else does!

Tribeca Apartment Rentals | 88 Leonard Street

88 Leonard Street offers some nice apartments for the price. In an excellent location, it's got spacious, inviting apartment rentals, an outdoor pool and hot tub, and valet parking with a garage available. On top of that, it offers a splendid garden for residents only, and a rooftop deck for the New Yorker looking for the best views. 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom apartments go at $4,450 and $6,650, respectively. Apartment rentals are definitely worth it here.

Tribeca NYC Apartments | Tribeca Tower

Tribeca NYC Apartments: Tribeca Tower

Man, does this Tribeca Tower have a ridiculous list of amenities. Dog AND cat friendly, an on-site garage, Wi-Fi access (what are we, in the future?), full time doormen, and a live-in super so you can bother him in person instead of just calling his phone. The NYC apartments are 850 square feet each, and go for $5,395 for a 1 Bed / 1 Bath combo. The insides are pretty great, too; click on the photo to get some more info.


Tribeca Luxury Rentals  | Barclay Tower

Tribeca Luxury Rentals Barclay Tower

Those might not be real people strolling the streets in the above photo,  but rest assured, you'll be feeling larger than life when you check out these apartments. Barclay Tower is the true definition of luxury rentals; you'll find expansive, beautiful foyers, an indoor pool fit for the Greeks, and even a children's playroom so you can entertain your children without actually being entertaining. The indoor photos look just as amazing as the outdoor ones; check them out to see if this is the place for you. Apartments start at $3,895. A luxury rental indeed.


Tribeca Loft Rentals | Truffles Tribeca

Tribeca Loft Rentals Truffles Tribeca

A sickeningly cutesy name won't stop us from putting out this excellent building for lofts and apartments in Tribeca. Truffles Tribeca has among the best views I've seen from a rooftop deck in ages, and offers wall to wall windows, affordable loft rentals, and a metric ton of fitness machines. The rooms inside are spacious, carpeted, and offer huge amounts of space: I would definitely pick up an apartment in this quirky building if I were you.  Apartments start at $3,850. Loft rentals start at just a bit higher.