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December 15, 2011

Find this week’s real apartment reviews below based on a 1-5 score. (1-Worst, 5-Best) Want to know what the NYC apartment you might be living in is really like? Look up a building’s Rentenna Score now!

Property: 784 Columbus Avenue, Rating: 3, Rentenna Rating: 71 (Very Good!)

Pros: Large size units. Great light and windows in most all units. Spacious outdoor area... Set far back from street

Cons: Dirty Hallways. LOTS of section 8 type tenants who don't pay market rent and treat the lobby as a hangout. Half building is renovated, half is saturated in the filth of tenants who have not renovated in 40 years. Security guard but no doorman. Packages get delivered to neighboring building and can only be picked up during office hours.

Property: Chelsea Centro at 200 West 26th Street, Rating: 5, Rentenna Score: 66  (Good!)

Pros: Great doormen. Dry cleaning drop-off in the lobby. Nice roofdeck. Quick walk to four different subway lines.

Cons: 7th Avenue is loud even on high floors. Fitness center is a bit too small for the number of tenants. Location is not very neighborhoody.

Property: The Townsway at 145 East 27th Street, Rating: 4, Rentenna Score: 87 (Excellent!)

Pros: attentive staff, convenient location, Cons: None!


Property: 310 West 47th Street, Rating: 5, Rentenna Score: 63 (Good)

Pros: Great management company, awesome backyard, huge apartments, easy location.

Cons: A little expensive. Old neighbors.

Property: Archstone Camargue at 303 East 83rd Street, Rating: 5, Rentenna Score: 81 (Excellent!)

Pros: This building is very clean and friendly. I love that there is a small gym in the building when you want to get a quick workout in. You receive an email if there is a package for you in the lobby and you can leave your laundry and dry cleaning in the lobby for pick-up. Great building.

Cons: The construction on 2nd avenue makes it a little hard to sleep in on Saturday's, but that is not the buildings fault. Good windows, if you close them it drowns out most of the sound