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Top 5 Rentenna NYC Apartment Reviews of the Week: "Avoid this place like the PLAGUE!"

August 15, 2011

Our goal at Rentenna is to develop a community of renters who can share their personal apartment experiences with each other as well as giving you objective criteria to know what an apartment is really like in our Rentenna Score.  Find below our picks for top rental reviews of the week based on a 1-5 score. (1-Worst, 5-Best)

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Property: 215 East 68th Street, Rating: 5

Pros: Building is beautifully kept, staff is unfailingly polite and helpful and the management is the best in the U.S.

Cons: There are no cons. I lived there for 12 years and only moved when I left New York.

Property: 63rd West, Rating: 2

Pros: 63rd west is undeniably cheap for an NYC / UWS apartment. Location is super convenient to Lincoln Center, John Jay College (445 W 59th St), Fordham Lincoln Center, Central Park, etc. Sounds great, right!?

Cons: The landlord here is AWFUL. Management doesn't maintain the building at all and frankly couldn't care less how that affects tenants. When you visit, note the beautiful ghetto projects a block way. I honestly don't know why anyone would live here. Oh yeah - it's cheap and in a convenient location. Also the amenities are great when they're working, which is basically never. If you can afford it, though, avoid this place like the PLAGUE!

Property: 30 West 18th Street, Rating: 4

Pros: Really fun neighborhood that's convenient to everything. Roof deck and "secret" balcony are well-kept and offer amazing views. Doormen are great. Very nice looking units with high ceilings, modern appliances, and Verizon FiOS tv + internet). Friendly residents. Units seem designed for conversion (e.g., 1BR units have 2 full bathrooms).

Cons: Management can be very slow in responding and disorganized. Units are very expensive for their bedroom count, but you can mitigate that by installing a false wall (e.g., converting a 1BR into a 2BR). Lots of annoying trust fund types living in this building and throwing parties on the roof without cleaning up after themselves.

Property: 177 Bleecker Street, Rating: 3

Pros: Location and price!! Decent sized one bedroom for the area. Super is fantastic.

Cons: Can be noisy and you might age out of that block by 25 or so I have been told! The renovations are fine, but you aren't getting stainless steel/marble anything.

Property: Brooklyn Gold, Rating: 4

Pros: Building is as modern and beautiful as the descriptions and advertisements claim. Amenities are amazing, although I don't make much use of them. Super is responsive and friendly. Ft. Greene neighborhood is rapidly gentrifying (good or bad, personal opinion) and has some great restaurants, bars, and fun shopping.

Cons: Management company must have been overwhelmed with demand because the move-in process was a total nightmare. Lost forms, moving dates pushed back months (yes, you read that right), and all sorts of challenges getting the certificate of occupancy requirement fulfilled resulted in a bunch of folks scrambling for a place to live with almost no warning. Seems they've worked the kinks out now but for people who were slated to move in back in summer / fall 2010 it was a total disaster. Bottom line: it's a great building, but be prepared for some hassle on your move in.