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Top 5 Apartment Rental Reviews of the Week: "If you like being in 90 degree weather...this place is a must."

July 25, 2011

Our goal at AddressReport is to develop a community of renters who can share their personal apartment experiences with each other as well as giving you objective criteria to know what an apartment is really like in our Rentenna Score.  Find below our picks for top rental reviews of the week based on a 1-5 score. (1-Worst, 5-Best)

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Property: 50 Murray Street, Rating: 4

Pros: Great building, wonderful staff, and awesome neighborhood for young families. I'd particularly recommend 50 murray st to 30-ish and 40-ish couples with children.

Cons: The building won't make any Manhattan bargain apartment lists, but you know that going in. I wouldn't recommend this building to singles - there's a reason this apartment has a rep for being family-friendly. You should expect a bit of noise (laughing, crying, the usual) in the hallways. I didn't mind but I could see how singles wouldn't want that energy around when they're still in the dating world.

Property: 57 East 3rd Street, Rating: 1

Pros: If you like being in 90 degree weather during the summer, this place is a must

Cons: Comes with a laundry room which seems to have been neglected for months, an A/C wall unit that also doesn't work properly, and a landlord who refuses to pick up calls or keep up with scheduled appointments. Overall, a nightmare. i do NOT recommend living here.

Property: 327 East 108th Street, Rating: 1

Pros: There are none

Cons: There are bedbugs throughout the building and the owner continues to rent infested apartments without telling new renters.

Property: Chelsea Landmark at 55 west 25th street, Rating: 5

Pros: I love the units at Chelsea Landmark. Fixtures and appliances look nice and are of high quality. Building amenities are great. Neighbors are friendly. Staff is super professional and competent. Location is convenient to most parts of NYC.

Cons: Used to be a great value, but rent has jumped a bit this summer (2011), although that seems to be the case across the board for luxury buildings in manhattan right now. Also a con: Chelsea Landmark participates in the trend among luxury buildings of charging a separate fee for the gym (I found the cost worth it).

Property: Stuyvesant Town at 252 First Avenue, Rating: 5

Pros: Stuy Town is awesome! I moved here with my fiance last fall after grad school in Philly. He's from long island but I was brand new to NYC and living and participating in the community at stuy gave me access to a great group of friends. All my friends tell horror stories about nyc apartments being shoeboxes but the units here are large, the pricing is reasonable, and living in E Village / Alphabet City means nights out aren't out of our budget.

Cons: My biggest gripe is that I don't like the lobby in my tower (I'm a lobby snob). Also, the living experience can be very different depending on whether you're on the 1st Ave side or out on Avenue C side of things. I actually prefer the Ave C side but we live closer to 1st Ave, which gets more noise from traffic (but is closer to the subway).