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The Worst Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 2015 Edition

August 03, 2015

Next up in our ranking of the best and worst places to live in for each NYC borough is the 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

I should preface this one by saying that Brooklyn is a little bit weird. The geography and public transit layout makes it a little bit harder to get where you're going if you live in certain parts of the borough. Unfortunately we weren't able to take that into account for this version of the rankings. But without further ado:

5 Worst Neighborhoods in Brooklyn to Live In

5. Bedford-Stuyvesant - Coming in at #5 on the list, Bedford-Stuyvesant doesn’t have a single  standout negative feature that made it join the list of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn to live in. It’s just that every single feature we looked at was a little bit worse than average. Rent - higher. Crime - higher. Buildings - more complaints and violations. Filth complaints - higher. Put those all together and you get a neighborhood that’s the fifth worst in Brooklyn to live in.

4. Williamsburg - I know I know. Williamsburg is the place to be. It’s booming and everybody wants to live there. But that’s almost the problem with it. Over the last five years or so Williamsburg rents have skyrocketed, making it an almost unaffordable place for a lot of people to live. Combine that with above average crime and an absurd number of filth and noise complaints and you’ve suddenly got a neighborhood that’s not looking so hot.

3. Crown Heights - It’s cheaper than Williamsburg, but it suffers from all the other problems that landed Williamsburg at #4 on our list. In fact it’s the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn for filth complaints (rodents, trash on streets, graffiti, public urination etc.) and it’s among the worst for building complaints. Even a rent that’s a little bit lower doesn’t make up for these fact and Crown Heights comes in at #3.

2. Bushwick - The neighborhoods on this list are all nestled right next to each other. And that probably explains why the metrics for the #2, 3, & 4 neighborhoods on this list are so similar. Bushwick just slightly eked out the #2 spot (well I guess Crown Heights technically eked out the #3 spot) because of the shockingly high number of building complaints and violations in the neighborhood. Everything else is pretty much even between Bushwick and Crown Heights.

1. Vinegar Hill - What do you get when you take a neighborhood with one of the highest crime rates in New York City and combine it with one of the highest neighborhood rents in Brooklyn? You get one of the worst neighborhoods to live in. There are obviously some great things to do in the neighborhood but you probably want to live somewhere else.

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As I said earlier Brooklyn’s geographic layout make it much harder to rank than the other boroughs. When your neighborhood can swing your commute time by hours you’ve obviously got to take where you work into account when you’re deciding where to live. If you want to get an even better idea of how your neighborhood stacks up you should get your address’ complete AddressReport. You can even tie in your work address and get comparisons of commute times!