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The Molecule Project | New York City's First Water Cafe

August 06, 2012

We know what kept you up last night, trendy, downtown livin' New Yorker: you were struggling to decide if you're a viable candidate to frequent Molecule -- NYC's first-ever water cafe, now open in Manhattan's Alphabet City / East Village.

As you lay there sleepless, your grossly inefficient air conditioning unit groaning in the summer heat, your mind whirred with indecision: swig from that deliciously environmentally destructive Fiji bottle or elevate your water consumption to a higher realm?

Like so many things in life, this decision all comes down to a simple checklist. To determine if you're right for the water cafe concept, review AddressReport's list below [and for more local tidbits, like AddressReport on FB]:

Should you Drink at Molecule - NYC's First Water Cafe?

  1. Are you feeling parched by New York's summer heat?
  2. Are you not a fan of the corner water fountain, the tap in your kitchen, or the otherwise tasty carcinogens seeping into your H2O from the fancy water bottle you carry around like the self-important turd that you are?
  3. Do you believe that every un-biodegradable bottle of water you buy at the corner bodega is contributing to landfill overuse and, ultimately, the demise of our civilization?
  4. Do you have a few extra bucks to spend on crazy-filtered water mixed with all types of vitamins, minerals, flavorings, and whatevs?

If you smugly answered yes to all of the above, you might want to check out the water cafe that opened up on 259 E 10th St (between Avenue A & 1st Ave) in the Alphabet City section of the East Village.

The Molecule Water Cafe Menu

What exactly goes down at a water cafe? Basically, these guys take a ~$20,000+ custom-built laser-guided water filter, run NYC tap water through it 'till it's all tasty and smooth, then dish it out on-site or via their bicycle delivery service (it's NYC - everyone delivers) in exchange for your moneys.

According to Molecule's water cafe menu, patrons can elect for a variety of refillable (for a fee) container sizes, ranging from the canteen to the 5 gallon jug. If you're not down for commitment, you can also opt for the To-Go glass, which will run you $2.50. After you select your container size, you can chose from a wide range of fixin's, including extra pH (whazza-huh?? more on that later) and electrolytes, vitamin A, vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Ca/Mg (whatever the hell that means - we're no chemists here), 5-HTP, green tea, and various "all-natural blends," such as Molecule Energy, Molecule Immunity, and Molecule Hair.

Reviews of The Molecule Water Cafe in NYC

How is the public reacting? The reaction thus far has been limited, though polarized. A quick look at the Yelp review of The Molecule Water Cafe reveals that some New Yorkers are taking to the concept (at least in theory), while others are straight-sippin' on that haterade:

So what will it be? Will you support this new business venture with your dollars and your thirst, or will you turn back to the tap, the home filter, or the bottle? If you're still undecided, check out the post by EV Grieve, which was the first to post word of the existence of The Molecule Project.