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The Decade-Long Transformation of NYC's Busiest Streets in One Video

April 21, 2014

Recall with us, if you will, a simpler time: Times Square, Herald Square, Union Square, and other of New York City's (often tourist-filled) pedestrian wonderlands of today were taxi-clogged demolition derby zones where bicycles and bipedal organisms alike feared to tread.

See how much it all changed in the space of a decade with this amazing series of before-and-after clips:

credit: NYC Streets Metamorphosis by StreetFilms.

New York City before-and-afters captured in the video above:

  • Times Square (2005 vs. 2012)
  • Kent Avenue (2002 vs. 2009)
  • Madison Square (2007 vs. 2013)
  • Sands Street (2006 vs. 2013)
  • Herald Square (2005 vs. 2011)
  • Queensboro Bridge (2008 vs. 2011)
  • 9th Avenue (2007 vs. 2013)
  • Also featured: Clinton Street, Corona Plaza, 78th Play Street, Allen Street, and Union Square