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The Best Views in NYC | 4 Locations with Amazing Views of Gotham

June 08, 2013

These days, you can find tons of info on NYC apartments without ever actually stepping into a building: location, pricing, utilities, reviews, amenities, local attractions, and crazy landlords. But what if you're most obsessed with the view from your window? Mr. Big Shot Exec would do almost anything for a badass city skyline to show off to his, umm, colleagues; maybe it's time you look for an awesome view, too. Check out these 4 amazing views in New York City that will start making you salivate for an apartment with an amazing viewpoint.

The Best Views in NYC  | Apartments Overlooking Central Park

A penthouse view of Central Park has among the most beautiful perspectives in NYC: but is also among the most expensive. One57, a new 1,005 foot tower surveying Central Park from Midtown, is selling its 94 condominiums for a total price of $2 billion; the cheapest of the bunch is a steal at $7.35 million, a tall order for the average Joe but a drop in the bucket for Mr. Corporate Executive. For the more reserved shopper, buildings such as The Croydon or a cozy condo on the Upper West Side offer similar views for the paltry rents of $2,000 to $4,000 a month. Don't New York rents seem that much more reasonable now?

Be Part of the Best View of New York | The NYC Skyline

Ever wanted to be the focus of thousands of tourists daily? A nagging urge to be photographed constantly, or a constant desire to be hounded by paparazzi? Well, that last one may never happen, but you can achieve the first two by renting an apartment on the famed New York skyline, and be a permanent fixture in every postcard of NYC for the next thirty years. You'll be the star of your own, invisible photoshoot for ages.

That small white dot in the upper left building? It could be you. And contrary to popular belief, an apartment on the Manhattan skyline is still affordable, going for as low as $2,000 a month in locations such as Rector Square, Battery Park. If you can find one you like, grab it immediately: there is no better location than the shoreline of New York, overlooking the harbor in the heart of America's cultural center. These apartments will go fast.

Rooftops in Manhattan | An Unsurpassable Viewpoint

We're not suggesting that you rent the rooftop of a major NYC building and attempt to make a living in the open air, putting out buckets for rain like that guy in 28 Days Later. Rather, we're asking you to consider an apartment with direct access to a roofdeck, or a bar or restaurant overlooking New York. You can't beat a view of NYC at night from above, and if it requires a hike up 5 flights of stairs to get it, then so be it. Look for something in Midtown or Greenwich Village: the panoramas you can see from the sky are absolutely amazing.

Jersey City Apartments | A Beautiful NYC Skyline

Alright, alright. This one's not even in New York City. However, the extraordinary perspective of New York, by overlooking the harbor, more than necessitates this city's inclusion in this list.

How would you like to wake up to the most famous skyline in the world, every morning? Pick up an apartment in Jersey City, and its yours for no more than $2,300.

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To find out what these neighborhoods are really like check out  AddressReport: giving you the full details about any address.