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The Best Views in Chicago | 4 Views With Amazing Perspectives

April 22, 2013

Are you looking for a spectacular, breathtaking way to experience Chicago? Maybe you're thinking about taking a date somewhere for the first time, or you're considering moving to Chicago and just need to decide whether the city is really for you. Well, here's your answer. The Chicago skyline, ranked as the 3rd best skyline worldwide by BusinessInsider, is a view that you need to see from the best perspective possible. You'll find four creative, beautiful, and moving ways to experience Chicago, after the break.

4. The Best View from Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountains, located in the center of Grant Park at the Loop, shoots water 150 feet into the air. In terms of pressure, this is equivalent to pushing 233 bathtubs full of water out a minute, 150 feet into the air. If this isn't enough to convince you, the fountain is accentuated with beautiful water and light shows that last 20 minutes at a time, seasonal decorations, and beautiful festival lighting during Chicago's many events. Through the fountain, you can see Chicago's dazzling skyline, offering an unforgettable way to see both a landmark and a panorama. This Chicago view is truly stunning.

3. A Chicago Skyline Panorama | John Hancock Observatory

 A beautiful, possibly slightly color edited view from John Hancock Observatory.[/caption]

Most tourists will think to immediately go to the Sears Tower Skydeck upon arriving in Chicago. You, as the connoisseuring consumer, know that the Observatory in the Gold Coast offers an infinitely better skyline panorama. Though it's not as tall, from the John Hancock building you can see the expanse of Lake Michigan, a wider view of the Chicago skyline, and more of Lake Shore Drive. As an added bonus, visitors before March 31st can ice skate 1,000 feet above the ground, and air shows will do flybys of the John Hancock Center with amazing regularity. For the best skyscraper panorama of Chicago, come here.

2. A Distorted View of Chicago| Through the Looking Bean

In 2005, Chicago authorities commissioned a regal, majestic sculpture in Millennium Park intended to convey the "immateriality and the spiritual" soul of the city, through an exploration of the themes of ambiguity, duality, and superficial vs. subterranean conflicts (citation: Wikipedia). It was to be christened Cloud Gate. Today, the sculpture is just as popular as authorities and artists had hoped it would be, but under a different name: The Bean.

The Bean's surface is polished to a mirror-like finish, with no visible welds or breaks along the entire sculpture. Consequently, it's been used to create some stunning visions of Chicago through its distorted but perfectly clear surface. As you circle the Bean, you'll see a refreshing new view of not only the famous skyline, but Grant Park and Lake Michigan as well with every step. Check out the Bean for a unique way to get a great Chicago view.

1. The Best Views in Chicago | Adler Planetarium

There's no doubt about it: Adler Planetarium in the Near South Side provides the best view of the Chicago skyline in the city. Located on a peninsula stretching out into Lake Michigan, it offers both a great experience as a planetarium and the best nearly-offshore panorama one can find of one of the best skylines in the world. You won't find a better location to take your family or a date. Come here for a spectacular, alluring view.


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