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The Best Neighborhoods in the Bronx

June 07, 2012

It's safe to say that when most people think of The Bronx, they think of the hardcore punk band created in 2002 that dabbles in mariachi and were known for classics such as They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy). Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that this article will not be about said rockers, but rather about some borough in New York that people are apparently interested in living in. Hang on to your disappointment, because you'll have the opportunity to drop it on us in the comments. Coming up, the best neighborhoods in the Bronx.

Van Cortlandt Village, Bronx: The Best Neighborhood in NYC You've Never Heard Of

Van Cortlandt, a subsection of the Kingsbridge Heights neighborhood, is truly a hidden gem in the middle of the Bronx. A safe, tightly knit community, it's recently become quickly populated with an influx of middle-class families from Manhattan looking for a cheaper place to live. Among its primary attributes is its safety; though it's no more than ten minutes from the most dangerous parts of the city, a strong police force and an alert community have helped this neighborhood stay quiet and secure. Come here if you're looking for a cheaper, quieter version of Manhattan.


Riverdale, Bronx: The Best Neighborhood in NYC for the Wealthy

But seriously. As the exclusive, semi-isolated northern corner of NYC, Riverdale is known not for its hip culture or its amazing falafels, but for its famous (and often incredibly rich) residents: John F Kennedy, Lou Gehrig, Mark Twain, Sugar Ray Robinson. And it's not just the celebrities. Its median household income is $1.9 million: to put things in perspective, that's equivalent to 132 years of rent on this particular Harlem apartment, Savoy Park at 620 Lenox Avenue. (Yes, you just saw a shameless plug fly by.) Outside its crippling wealth though, Riverdale is actually quite a pleasant place to live. It boasts the lowest rate of crime in the Bronx, excellent preparatory schools such as Horace Mann and Riverdale Country, and a great view of Manhattan due to its high elevation. The nightlife and restaurants are quite enjoyable as well, and you'll never run short on accidental cameos in TV shows. Now if only I could afford to live there....


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