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The Best Neighborhoods in Staten Island

June 08, 2012

Did you know that the Outerbridge Crossing, a cantilever bridge connecting New Jersey to Staten Island, was actually named after the man Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge? (Imagine living up to that first name.) The Port Authority originally pondered calling it The Outerbridge Bridge, but after long and careful consideration, decided that it would be a nonsensical, and frankly moronic name. Way to not screw it up, Port Authority! Here's the best neighborhoods in NYC for the borough of Staten Island.

Emerson Hill, Staten Island: The Best Neighborhood in NYC for Suburbanites

Not all of the housing options in New York City consist of 1-2 bedroom apartments. In Staten Island, you'll find the homes of people who are trying fruitlessly to blend the NYC experience with a cozy suburban home; fruitlessly, that is, unless you're living in Emerson Hill. An affluent, semi-gated community, Emerson Hill possesses some of the most beautiful and exclusive homes and views in NYC, blending magnificent Tudor mansions, beautiful foliage, and the slopes of Staten Island into a resplendent island paradise. For star power, go see the mock homes  down Longfellow Avenue that served as Casa Corleone in The Godfather; for history, see Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose brother was the namesake for this neighborhood, or Henry David Thoreau, who lived here for several years. You'll truly be living among the greats in this town; just don't forget your monocle and pipe.


Manor Heights, Staten Island: The Most Friendly NYC Neighborhood*

*As determined from multiple walking tours, fifty-question surveys, and a team of qualified psychologists touring all two hundred NYC neighborhoods.

Manor Heights is just a nice place to live. Consisting primarily of single family suburban homes, it's a hilly, green place with excellent schools, nearby shopping centers, and most of all, friendly and happy people. Though it's right next to the city, its residents have managed to maintain a small-town, neighborly feel to the district, where it's encouraged to walk around the neighborhood and greet other people. From most of the houses, you'll find an excellent view of the Greenbelt, as well as quick access to the expressway; it's the best of every world here. Live here if you're interested in meeting a vibrant, open community.

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