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The Best Neighborhoods in Chicago | North Side

June 12, 2012

Looking to move into Chicago sometime this year, before the apocalypse wipes us all out? Well, you'll probably want to know what neighborhoods are right for your needs and your atmosphere. Chicago has as diverse of a variety of neighborhoods as NYC, but not nearly the same amount of coverage: it's time that the wide assortment of Chicago districts gets their own personalized look. When that tidal wave comes to wipe out America on December 21st, at least you'll be washed away among the remains of an area that you loved. Here's the top neighborhoods in Chicago, starting with the North Side.

 North Side Chicago - Lincoln Park | The Best Neighborhood in Chicago for Young People

Oh, and it's right next to Lincoln Park. Go figure.

Lincoln Park is a popular, well-situated neighborhood for up-and-coming college graduates, young professionals, and newlyweds. It offers a large selection of charming condominiums such as the Belden Apartments or the Commonwealth Plaza, all for a very affordable rental price. Furthermore, it's one of the neighborhoods in Chicago that's managed to develop a thriving and friendly street life, with upscale national retailers, bookstores, and extravagant restaurants dotting the area. Both safe and child-friendly, Lincoln Park also boasts one of the best public high schools in the nation. Finally, for the benefit of young adults, there's a poppin' nightlife, as bars and clubs have sprung up around the neighborhood in the past twenty years. If you need an affordable, hospitable place to stay with an excellent club scene and great transportation options, stroll over to Lincoln park and get yourself a home.

North Side Chicago - Old Town | Best Neighborhood in Chicago for Creative People

Probably the newest structure in the entire city. Old Town's iconic sign.

Now, you're asking us: what does that even mean? And our answer to that is: we wanted to call it the "Best Neighborhood in Chicago for the Arts", but it turns out that people will actually Google the term "best Chicago neighborhood for creative people" more often, so we're stuck with that name. Hipsters, I tell you. Old Town, as appropriately named, has a storied history and can be recognized best for its Victorian-era architectural style and endless "National Register of Historic Places" plaques. It's home to the yearly Old Town Art Fair in June, multiple comedy and improvisational troupes, and a host of different plays and performances throughout the year. Similarly, the majority of the shopping experience are concentrated in boutiques and family owned stores such as Sara Jane and Vagabonds, rather than retail chains: these little touches add to the charming and historic feel of Old Town.

North Side Chicago - Gold Coast | Best Neighborhood in Chicago for the Affluent

Could be the set of Baywatch, right here.

You knew it was coming. Gold Coast, as aptly named as the two previous neighborhoods on this list, is an affluent, beautiful branch of Chicago extending along the northern coast. It offers an excellent selection of high-rise apartments such as the Gold Coast Galleria and the Elm Street Plaza, and while not as pricey as Manhattan apartments, they certainly try their best to come close. Gold Coast is well known for its beautiful mansions, prominent additions to the Chicago skyline, and excellent dining options, coupled with upscale boutiques and major name retailers such as Barney's, Diesel, and Prada.

North Side Chicago - Roscoe Village | Best Neighborhood in the North Side for Families

Photo Credit: Roscoe Village Neighbors

Roscoe Village is an excellent place to raise two kids with your loving wife and convenient Chicago white-collar job. A small, intimate neighborhood, it offers a tight sense of community within its borders, among the lowest rates of crime in Chicago, and a variety of small boutiques that help to add to the small-town charm.  It's both quiet and mature, a great atmosphere for new parents, and offers primarily two-flats for apartment rentals. The population of Roscoe Village loves their neighborhood immensely (from an inclusive, 100% participation survey by AddressReport): if you're planning on raising a family, you will too.

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