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The Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 2015 Edition

August 01, 2015

I feel like I should probably open each of these blog posts for the best neighborhoods in each burough to live in by saying that these aren't your usual neighborhood rankings. These weren't put together by choosing neighborhoods that we thought were popular (or that we live in). Instead we took the data we have on each neighborhood on crime, cost of living, building quality, and more and put together a numerical ranking for each neighborhood in NYC.

Without further ado:

2015 Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn to Live In

5. Cobble Hill - Coming in at #5 this might be the most “popular” of our neighborhoods to make the list of the best places to live in Brooklyn. It’s also easily the most expensive neighborhood to make the list. Despite its high rents the neighborhood’s great housing setup, safety, and non-urban feel helps push it into the top 5. Fun fact - several of the buildings in the neighborhood were originally constructed in the 19th century as “affordable housing”. Those same buildings now go for $1.375 million.

4. Windsor Terrace - Tucked between Prospect Park and the Greenwood Cemetery, Windsor Terrace comes in as AddressReport’s fifth best neighborhood to live in in Brooklyn. Safe and clean, with easy access to the park it’s  a great place for a family. Its well regarded public schools only bolster that fact. It’s main drawback is its rent, which is much higher than average for Brooklyn. But, if you can afford it then Windsor Terrace is a solid choice for a Brooklyn Neighborhood

3. Fort Hamilton - Even though there’s a fair amount of debate as to whether or not Fort Hamilton should be considered its own neighborhood (or whether it is just a part of Bay Ridge) we had to include it in our top 5 Brooklyn neighborhoods to live in because it’s solid across the board. No serious issues with buildings, cleanliness, or crime. And even better its rent is way better than most Brooklyn neighborhoods.

2. Mapleton - This small triangle in central Brooklyn comes in at #2 in our best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to live in. Low crime and relatively low rent, combined with a number of new construction projects over the last few years make it a great neighborhood in Brooklyn.

1. Marine Park - It seems like a common theme of the top Brooklyn neighborhoods in our rankings all have parks in them or are right next to parks. Marine Park (note the name) is no different. Located in SE Brooklyn this neighborhood is located right alongside Marine Park which makes it a great place to live. From your typical park amenities (basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields) to the more exoctic (golf course and nature center) the park has something for everyone. The amazing park coupled with affordable housing makes Marine Park a great place in Brooklyn to live.

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