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Stonehenge NYC: Landlord's mission of "wellness" and "community"

June 08, 2012

Manhattan-based real estate company Stonehenge Partners is offering something that most management companies don't pause to think about; "wellness" and a sense of "community." Branding their “Wellness at Stonehenge” as a “lifestyle” Stonehenge NYC is creating a community within their 27 buildings by focusing on holistic health and balance. The "Wellness" program includes stress reducing activities, accessible fitness classes, healthy food initiatives, and workshops with leaders in the wellness industry and their programs are free for all residents.

Stonehenge has partnerships with groups like Whole Foods, Organic Avenue and Natural Awakenings magazine. Most recently they hosted a collaboration with Organic Avenue on the rooftop of  The Olivia where raw food enthusiast and fellow New Yorker Carol Alt introduced her book Eat Sexy Raw which explains how to incorporate eating raw foods into your daily life.

They also offer  yoga classes through local studios like Ishta, Reflections, Sangha House and OM Factory.  Stonehenge says on their website "Remember, you're striking those yoga poses with fellow residents … the support of a few thousand neighbors can be sort of helpful when it comes to the ol' motivation factor, and let's be honest, being surrounded by like-minded friends just makes these experiences that much more fun."

Check out their recent video on how Stonehenge celebrated earthday:

Stonehenge NYC Celebrates Earth Day