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Roosevelt Island Rentals | Apartment Rentals on Roosevelt Island

June 27, 2012

Roosevelt Island isn't a place you typically think about in New York when choosing to rent no-fee apartments. However,   the rentals on this splendid island have gorgeous views, are stunning, and are top-notch for such an affordable price. If you need a place with some great apartment rentals, this is your place. Here's 4 excellent listings for Roosevelt Island.

The Octagon | Roosevelt Island Rentals at 888 Main Street

The Octagon Roosevelt Island RentalsThe Octagon is a great building. It boasts a fanciful, modernist theme that retains a hint of Victorian architecture, and is beautifully designed inside and out. Basically every amenity possible is provided, from a business center, to a children's playroom, to multiple residence lounges for every renter in the building. For an excellent rental on Roosevelt Island, check this location out.

Average Prices:

  • Studio - $2,097
  • 1 Bedroom - $2,503
  • 2 Bedrooms - $3,462
  • 3 Bedrooms - $5,250

Riverwalk Crossing | Apartment Rentals at 405 Main Street

Riverwalk Crossing Apartment Rentals

Riverwalk Crossing also offers a spectacular experience looking out onto the East River and Manhattan. With a gorgeous rooftop deck that provides 24/7 access to the view, beautifully constructed rooms with soft mood lighting and a thoughtful appeal, and excellent reviews from occupants, this is one of the places to rent in Roosevelt Island.

Average Prices:

  • Studio - $2,510
  • 1 Bedroom - $2,983
  • 2 Bedrooms - $4,373
  • 3 Bedrooms - $5,895

Riverwalk Landing | Roosevelt Island Rentals at 405 Main Street

Riverwalk Landing Roosevelt Island Rentals

Riverwalk Landing provides the same amenities as its sister apartment complex Riverwalk Crossing: a great view, nearby public transportation, and excellent design. We'd recommend it just as highly, and with comparable prices, it's a great steal.

Average Prices:

  • 1 Bedroom - $2,995

Manhattan Park | Listings on Roosevelt Island at 10-40 River Road

Manhattan Park Listings on Roosevelt Island

Manhattan Park is a very affordable apartment listing with an open, spacious lobby, rooms with excellent balconies to enjoy the spacious view, and a swimming pool for those of you who are nautically inclined. With a fitness center, concierge, and gorgeous pink dogwood trees, it's a good choice for a cheap, well-located rental.

Average Prices:

  • 1 Bedroom - $2,338
  • 2 Bedrooms - $3,048
  • 3 Bedrooms - $4,245