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Curbed: Rental search engine launched a new feature: a map that lets renters see the highest-ranked buildings in a particular 'hood.

January 23, 2012


NYC—Newish rental search engine Rentenna, which uses an algorithm to rank buildings, as launched a new feature: a map that lets prospective renters see the highest-ranked buildings in a particular neighborhood. The mysterious algorithm takes into account amenities, value, renter reviews, violations, proximity to transportation, and other features. [CurbedWire Inbox]

PRESS RELEASE — the free, groundbreaking rental tool that condenses everything a renter would want to know about a rental building into a single score — releases its interactive “Rentenna Score Map” to the public today.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2012

Rentenna Score Map

Innovative apartment ratings and reviews startup officially launched its interactive “Score Map” feature to all users today. Apartment hunters are now able to open the Rentenna Map from any building page and pan seamlessly across their neighborhoods of interest, quickly viewing the top-ranked apartment buildings in any given area.

Using a proprietary algorithm that factors in hundreds of key data points — including relative value, amenities, subway access, renter reviews, and complaints on bed bugs, elevator malfunctions, and other violations — the Rentenna Apartment Review Score lets renters know quickly and efficiently if a building is somewhere they’d want to live.

Rentenna’s algorithm has analyzed over 7,000 rental buildings in New York City, with thousands more in process. The site also features thousands of no fee NYC apartment listings refreshed daily. The Rentenna Score Map provides an intuitive new interface for renters to quickly sift through their thousands of options to discover the hidden rental gems in any neighborhood.

“The ‘Score Map’ is just one in a series of new features we have in store for Rentenna users in 2012,” says co-founder and New York Times rental expert Alicia Schwartz. “We’re excited to provide New Yorkers, and soon other city dwellers, with another powerful way to use the Rentenna Score to find just the right apartment.”

About is a groundbreaking interactive apartment rating and review tool that scores rental buildings on a scale of 0-99, helping apartment seekers quickly and efficiently sort through thousands of options to find their next rental.