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Relevance PR's Top Three Marketing Tips For Real Estate Sales

March 07, 2014

While some future homeowners fall in love with their house at first sight, it usually takes a bit more than just a pretty exterior to entice potential buyers to make the biggest purchasing decision of their life. New York-based boutique PR firm Relevance PR knows a thing or two about getting listings seen and sold. Check out some of the firm's top tips for enticing buyers below:

1. Make the space look serene:

You may find your eclectic personal design style comforting, but that doesn't mean future residents will. To make a home like soothing oasis potential buyers will want to see, make sure your home is clean, clutter-free, and keep anything that might turn off a future owner, whether it's your collection of porcelain dolls, your fluorescent paint job, or your room full of taxidermy, either put away or out of your photos.

2. Learn the neighborhood:

It may not be difficult to find a home you love — granite countertops and stainless steel appliances can go a long way in convincing even the most cautious folks to make a purchase — but few are willing to buy in a neighborhood they know nothing about. Even areas that aren't yet up-and-coming have their charms, whether it's an independent coffee shop, great park, or easy access to transportation. There may not yet be a Starbucks and SoulCycle on the block you're boosting, but you want to make the buyer imagine what someday, there could be.

3. Keep up curb appeal:

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a bad first impression is worth far more. If pictures online don't match what potential buyers see when they walk by, they may start to distrust your business practices. Either hire a professional or make an agreement with any current residents to keep the front of the house in perfect order so as not to turn off possible buyers.