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Related Rentals | 5 Excellent Apartments by Related

June 20, 2012

Related, a real-estate company with a focus on apartment rentals, is offering some great options in terms of housing in New York City. If you're looking for affordable, gorgeous apartments in neighborhoods such as Chelsea and the Upper West Side, check out these 5 great Related buildings for condominiums. 

The Lyric NYC | at 255 West 94th Street, Upper West Side

The name of this building just rings of "Las Vegas casino hotel", and to be honest, it's basically indistinguishable from one on the inside. The Lyric is pet friendly, offers a children's playroom, and is located on the Upper West Side with a business center and a rooftop deck: perfect to recreate your version of "The Hangover". The rooms are pretty nice, too. Related rentals really shine in their quality room design, and this is an impeccable example.

Related Rentals: The Lyric

The Tate NYC | at 535 West 23rd Street, Chelsea

Again with the creative names. I'm not even sure what this one means. Regardless, The Tate by Related is a splendid building, with a concierge, WiFi access, a resident's garden, and public lounges. In addition, the rooms are both spacious and gorgeous: plenty of room for even the most expansive pack rat.

Related Rentals The Tate NYC at 535 West 23rd Street Chelsea


The Westport NYC | at 500 West 56th Street, Hell's Kitchen

An indoor basketball gym? Pretty good. An absolutely stunning rooftop deck? Even better. A suave, minimalistic entrance that looks like it could be the entry to a spa? The dealbreaker, right here. Check out The Westport for an all-around, tasteful experience in apartment life in a Related owned building.

Related Rentals The Westport NYC at 500 West 56th Street

The Sierra NYC | at 130 West 15th Street, Chelsea

The Sierra boasts a wide variety of options for housing, ranging from 500 to 1150 square feet. With similar amenities to other Related, it's distinguished primarily by its landscaped rooftop sun terrace, a beautiful and open place for children and parents alike to relax surrounded by plentiful foliage. Check it out if you're looking to raise a family, or trying to find Related rentals with a friendly atmosphere.

Related Rentals The Sierra NYC at 130 West 15th Street, Chelsea


Related The Westminster NYC | at 180 West 20th Street, Chelsea

I think I've figured out Related's naming system. Introducing any building with "The" followed by a vaguely British word must guarantee success in the New York housing market, because it's sure worked for Related. The Westminster offers large 1 Bedroom apartments, going up to 930 square feet, as well as pet friendly service, lounges, a rooftop deck, and an excellent fitness center. With a Rentenna score of 92, indicating that basically everyone loves this building, it's hard not to pass it up.

Related Rentals The Westminster NYC at 180 West 20th Street, Chelsea


Need more detailed info on apartments like this? Worried about the safety of the neighborhoods? The quality of the schools? How much they'll cost? Just want a comforting shoulder to lean on? AddressReport has all of this. Related rentals are the way to go.