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The Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap: Where to Live in Philly If You Love to Order In

November 30, 2015

It’s a frosty December Sunday in Philly. You’re wedged deep into the couch, watching the Eagles or catching up on your DVR from the cozy confines of your toasty apartment. But all is not well: you’re dying for a bite to eat but don’t want to move a muscle. Where’s the best place to live in the city of brotherly love if you crave the most abundant set of delectable food delivery options?

Wikipedia can't help you. But AddressReport has you covered with the Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap, which reveals exactly which neighborhoods in Philly offer the greatest selection of restaurants that'll deliver to your lazy self.

The Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap by AddressReport

Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap by Address Report

How to interpret the Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap:

  • Red indicates areas with an awesome selection of restaurants that deliver.
  • Green indicates areas with a decent variety of food delivery options.
  • Blue indicates areas where you'd better love to drive or ride SEPTA, 'cause the restaurant delivery options are slim to none... and slim is leaving for another neighborhood before he starves.
  • The knife and fork icons mark the top-rated restaurants that deliver in Philly according to reviews by locals.

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The Best Places to Live for Food Delivery in Philadelphia

Here are the top 10 neighborhoods in Philadelphia and its immediate surroundings, ranked by breadth & depth of food delivery options:

  1. Bella Vista (South Philly)
  2. Graduate Hospital
  3. Mid-Town Village
  4. Society Hill
  5. Rittenhouse Square 
  6. Market East /Financial District
  7. Queen Village
  8. Chinatown
  9. Fitler Square
  10. Powelton Village (Drexel & UPenn area, no wonder there are so many delivery options)

Philly Residents Looking Beyond Price

Increasingly, residents in major cities like Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles (and more) are looking beyond price when it comes to choose an apartment. Quality-of-life factors like amenities, ease of accessing public transportation, and proximity to great food and nightlife options have become major consideration.

If getting tasty food to your door by barely twitching a muscle is an important factor for your quality of life (be honest), check out the Food Delivery Heatmap above and get AddressReport's full report for your address.