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On your marks, get set ...Landmarked Co-op in Upper West Side for Sale Now

February 10, 2014

New York City is full of history, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Cloisters but few neighborhoods have as much history in their real estate as the Upper West Side. The neighborhood has long been the location of many of the world's best museums, restaurants, and shopping, and is also notably the home of many of the most prominent historic pre-war buildings in the city. One the most renowned of these pre-war buildings is The Chatsworth. Located on 72nd Street and Riverside Drive, this Beaux Arts building showcases luxury Upper West side apartments that have been artfully redeveloped by HFZ Capital. On the edge of Central Park at 72nd Street, another prominent historical residential pre-war building in the area is 55 Central Park West. Built in 1929, the building, built in Art Deco style, has been home to many notable New Yorkers, including designers Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, in addition to being the location of many of the famed action sequences in Ghostbusters. Just a few blocks south of 55 Central Park South sits yet another Art Deco marvel in the form of The Century, located at 63rd Street and Central Park West. The building, which was built on the site of the former Century Theater, is part of the Central Park Historic District, recognized by the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Over a mile to the north and a few blocks west sits one of the area's hidden gems in the form of The Stanton, which sits on 94th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue. Despite being nearly a century old, this 1920s mid-rise building boasts a large number of modern amenities, including a fitness center, nursery, roof garden, and both a doorman and live-in super.