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The NYC Green Heatmap: Visualizing New York's Farmers Markets, Street Trees, and Major Parks

January 25, 2015

You know those crisp New York mornings when you roll out of bed, take a stroll down your densely tree-lined block, stop in at the nearby farmers market for some farm-fresh goat cheese and a jug of locally made cider, and then lay out a blanket in the closest public park so you can pig out on all that free-range, organic goodness before letting a well-earned food coma -- and the sweet rhythms of public radio programming -- take you away to lullaby land?

Oh no?

Well, according to AddressReport's NYC Green Heatmap (posted below) -- which visualizes the density of sidewalk trees on each block of Manhattan, as well as the locations of Manhattan's farmers markets and major parks -- you could live in hobbit heaven on the regular if you got yourself an apartment in one of several green-blessed Manhattan neighborhoods.

The NYC Green Heatmap by AddressReport

NYC Green Heatmap - Manhattan Trees, Parks, and Farmers Markets

As illustrated by the areas of the heatmap highlighted in bright green (representing high concentrations street trees) and the icons depicting parks and farmers markets, the Manhattan neighborhoods for green lovers include Morningside Heights, the Upper West Side (especially around 81st and Columbus), the Upper East Side (especially around 86th and York), Alphabet City (really!), Union Square (extra bonus points for its awesome farmers market), slices of the West Village, and a handful of pockets in between.

And yes, before you ask, of course there's a Brooklyn Green Heatmap as well.