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NYC Apartment Rental Prices | Map of Prices in New York City

August 03, 2012

Were you looking for a map of apartment rental prices in New York City? Well, you're in luck, because the guys over at Naked Apartments have graciously created this very helpful infographic on the rental prices in NYC, as well as their own personal take on this data.

You'll find the juiciest details on the desirability of doormen in Manhattan, how buying a dog will save you thousands of dollars of rent in Queens apartments (don't quote us on that), and why a washer in Brooklyn is actually worth more than an entire apartment in Deliverance Country, Georgia. The map of prices in NYC below, courtesy of Naked Apartments:


Our own personal take on this graph?

  • We wish we lived in expense-free Phoenix and Portland, but not in Detroit because there's still the uncomfortably high likelihood of getting shot while casually eating a burger walking down the street.
  • True hipsters would never live in "hipsterville" Williamsburg in the first place, because they'd deny hipsterdom and would go live in Bushwick. Which is good, because I don't know a hipster who could hold a job conformist enough to afford that $1,000 of rent anyways.
  • Tribeca tops nearly every rent pricing category. This is as surprising as Lindsay Lohan going back to rehab for the third time in two years.
  • People in Brooklyn don't wash anything because it's too expensive.
  • The average Manhattan doorman is slightly smaller than a dog but larger than a cat. Those hot Queens doormen are approximately twice as tall as Yao Ming.
  • Nobody likes Staten Island.

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