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Rentenna's Best/Worst of NYC Apartment Ratings April: BED BUGS!

June 04, 2012

NYC Apartment Ratings & Reviews

Find this month's real NYC apartment reviews below based on a 1-5 score. (1-Worst, 5-Best) Want to know what an apartment is really like? Look up a building’s Rentenna Score now and if you feel someone got it wrong, share your thought in your own apartment review and possibly win cool stuff :)

Apartment Ratings NYC: The Worst

NYC Apt Ratings / Review for 214 west 92nd street: 3

Pros: Beautiful building great light... quite
Cons: Bed bugs

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for Silver Towers at 610-612 west 42nd street: 2

Pros: Most floor plans of apartments great, nice public space.
Cons: Disengaged management, extremely poor quality of finish materials in units - fake "milestone" than mars easily, fake engineered wood floors that scratch. And a looooong, cold walk from the subway when the weather is bad (3 avenues).

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for Chelsea Court at 250 west 19th street: 1

Pros: Location. Gay Central. Hot neighbors.
Cons: You go on Grindr and your entire building is looking to hook up.. Rent prices are ok, I just wish the renovations would be a bit more attractive – especially the kitchen.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for The Addison at 225 Schermerhorn Street, Rating: 2

Pros: spacious apartments, centrally located with regard to subways, across the street from Brooklyn Fare - a great supermarket, close to Trader Joe's and Smith Street, decent gym, outdoor space
Cons: Poor quality apartments - flood damage in several apartments, burst steam pipes, poor water quality on some days, heating and a/c systems are inefficient and noisy. neighborhood is filled with social service offices in downtown. unpleasant 'neighborhood' feel.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 533 Atlantic Avenue, Rating: 1

Pros: lovely garden
Cons: crazy noise for Linger Cafe downstairs!

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 417East 9th Street Review, Rating: 2

Pros: Excellent location
Cons: The building has plumbing/pipe issues, most of them being old and often leaking. Some of the apartments have issues with severe leaking when it rains. My apartment even had mushrooms growing out of the ceiling. Jakobson is extremely unhelpful in all regards to fixing any issues/problems. Don’t rent with Jakobson.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 233 East 60th Street: 1

Pros: Quaint, historic, many original details, convenient location.
Cons: Terrible landlord/tenant relations, constant maintenance issues, NO super (only a caretaker who visits weekly with very poor communication skills), No door release on buzzer (must go down for guests/deliveries). Poorly maintained exterior. Avoid. If you are interested in this apt., ask to meet the landlord-- you will quickly see the source of all issues.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for Viridian at 110 Green Street: 2

Pros: The roof has amazing views.
Cons: The steam room was always vile smelling and/or broken. The management is absolutely awful. It takes them ages to fix anything and they usually try to blame you and refuse to fix it, inciting a never ending back and forth until they finally do. We had mice in our apartment because the workers left trash piled underneath the kitchen island and not accessible to us! The exterminator ended up having to remove one of the walls of the island to extract the trash. Our microwave did not work for the first month we lived there and neither did the freezer or the lights above the kitchen area. Water was constantly leaking into the lobby and you would have to walk with extreme caution to avoid slipping and falling. Instead of fixing water damage, they just paint over it. We ended up breaking our lease and getting out of their early. This is a classic case of a building that looks modern and amazing on the outside but everything is just falling apart once you move in.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 214 East 10th Street: 2

Pros: Rent isn't too high ($1900 for small 1 BR)
Cons: bed bugs, smoking inside building, occasional mouse problems

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for Silver Towers at 610-612 West 42nd Street: 2

Pros: Most floor plans of apartments great, nice public space.
Cons: Disengaged management, extremely poor quality of finish materials in units – fake “milestone” than mars easily, fake engineered wood floors that scratch. And a looooong, cold walk from the subway when the weather is bad (3 avenues).

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 2 Gold Street: 1

Pros: Physically, a nice building. Great amenities.
Cons: Worst management and doormen ever – anyone can go in and out at anytime and any hour without being a resident or being announced. All night parties on the roof, people passed out on the roof in the morning, visit on the roof, in elevators, and in halls. Great place if your maturity level is such that you can’t bear to leave the frat house behind, but for adults who work, it is a pain. I would not rent there again if 3 bedroom apartments for $500 a month. Worst experience ever.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 784 Columbus Avenue: 3

Pros: Large size units. Great light and windows in most all units. Spacious outdoor area… Set far back from street
Cons: Dirty Hallways. LOTS of section 8 type tenants who don’t pay market rent and treat the lobby as a hangout. Half building is renovated, half is saturated in the filth of tenants who have not renovated in 40 years. Security guard but no doorman. Packages get delivered to neighboring building and can only be picked up during office hours.

Apartment Ratings NYC: The best!

NYC Apt Ratings / Review for 521 East 12th Street: 5

Pros: Fantastic landlord, great super and good location

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for  the Archstone Camargue at 303 East 83rd Street: 5

Pros: This building is very clean and friendly. I love that there is a small gym in the building when you want to get a quick workout in. You receive an email if there is a package for you in the lobby and you can leave your laundry and dry cleaning in the lobby for pick-up. Great building.
Cons: The construction on 2nd avenue makes it a little hard to sleep in on Saturday’s, but that is not the buildings fault. Good windows, if you close them it drowns out most of the sound

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for West River House at 424 West End Avenue: 4

Pros: great doormen, great local
Cons: cookie cutter apts.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for the Highgate at 182 East 95th Street: 4

Pros: -Amazingly close to the 6 train -pretty big apartments for the price, with a lot of storage space -dishwasher in kitchen, laundry in basement -nice views -great doormen and supers -dry cleaning and parking part of building
Cons: -no gym -a roof deck that is just okay. Great views, but no tables or chairs and you aren't allowed to have parties. Scary railings -annoying how only 1 of 3 elevators go to the basement where the laundry is. So most of the time you have to carry your laundry down from the lobby and back up to it before getting an elevator.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 531 Atlantic Avenue: 4

Pros: nice size apt, a lot of light, great garden,
Cons: 2 big machines making noise 24/7 on the garden, bad landlord, expensive for the noise

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 90 West Street: 4

Pros: Great staff! Beautiful building and gym, lots of subway lines 1-2-3,4,5,N,R,W,ACE are the ones I take...but there are a couple more...boardwalk in summer, wholefoods, BBB, easy to get cabs
Cons: 9/11 memorial tickets/gift shop is on the ground floor, forced security IDs, a little isolated....

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for the Townsend at 350 West 37th Street: 5

Pros: Very new/clean building. Doorman were very nice and helpful. Received email when package was delivered. Very decent size gym in building and beautiful rooftop view. Was able to watch the fourth of July firework show clearly from roof. Washer and dryer in apartment (miss that now in my new building).
Cons: The area around the building isn’t exactly the upper east side, but not too bad. Lots of tourists which makes it difficult to get to where you need to go.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for The Melar at 250 West 93rd Street: 4

Pros: I’ve been residing in this building for little over a year and just LOVE how clean the building always is. Always have really nice amenities and location cannot be beat. If I could have my family move to NY, this is the place I would strongly recommend.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for 455 West 37th Street: 4

Pros: Pretty big apartments, with nice appliances. Dishwasher in apartment and laundry in the basement. Nice little FREE gym. Absolutely amazing roof deck on the 11th floor!! So fun to have gatherings up there! Great view of the Empire State building and you can watch the fireworks on the Hudson for the 4th of July. Price was pretty reasonable. Doormen are very nice
Cons:Too far from the subway. Too close to Times Square. Sort of shady around Port Authority at night. Sometimes you had to wait awhile for the elevator.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for the Normandie Court at 225 East 95th Street: 4

Pros: Dormandie court was perfect for when I lived there for two years. They allow you to chop up the apartments many times over making it affordable. 2 minute walk to the 6 train, Brother Jimmys and grocery store below. Doorman, roofdeck and gym.
Cons: They raise prices fairly quickly on you so lock down a two year lease if you can. It is still 95th street and a cab from the village is hella expensive.

NYC Apt Ratings / Reviews for Soho Court at 301 Elizabeth Street: 4

Pros: Amenities are awesome and I love the neighborhood (except when I’m trying to sleep – see below). Rent isn’t cheap, but I think it’s worth it for what you get.
Cons: Building management used to be very inattentive, and elevators were breaking down all the time. In the past year or so management has clearly made an effort and has really improved. Beware fitful sleepers: at times you can hear ALL KINDS of noise from the street below.

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