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NY & NJ: Where To Donate Or Volunteer To Sandy Relief Effort

November 05, 2012

Rockaway Relief Efforts (

Go there to help. If you have gas, the roads are fine. Keep in mind that whatever your direct action plans are, sites are closing down at 4pm, when it gets cold and dark and folks who live out there need to already be supplied for the day.

The folks at the Beach 87th Surf Club, 302 Beach 87th Street, are coordinating volunteers and doing a great job. We can connect you with them if you’d like or you can just show up tomorrow (Monday) starting at 10am. Bring a bike if you can, and supplies if you are driving. Today felt really different because there were a lot of happy helpful people with their friends. We realize tomorrow is Monday, but if you can make being a presence in Rockaway this week at all a priority, do. The new energy helps so much. Specifically clean up crews are still needed, especially in Broad Channel.

Folks need non-perishable food and prepared meals, served hot.

Gowanus Studio Space will continue to be a clearinghouse for food and to send it out with any drivers that go, but the most helpful thing right now would be an army of food trucks and craft services vehicles with their own ingredients and fuel. Or if you can bring food out to Rockaway, pick a corner and feed people for an hour (bring a table) or drive around until you find a church with empty tables. We found one today at Beach 42nd and Beach Channel Drive.

Many folks have expressed interest also in sharing ingredients, kitchens, and cooking/prep duties. We are trying to coordinate hot meals out there for the week. There is a spreadsheet and already a long list of volunteers on all fronts to facilitate that. E-mail if you are interested.

There are charging stations popping up at churches and street corners. More are needed and the distribution centers are mostly without power. If you can set up a generator, do it!

Specifically, the church on Beach 38th Street and Beach Channel Drive needs a generator. If they can get it, they can have power to their gym and have an indoor place where people can be together. Ask for Jimmy.

Requests from Beach 87th Surf Club, 302 Beach 87th Street (opens at 10am tomorrow):
Flashlights/lanterns that run on batteries, Batteries, Candles, Blankets (!!!), Socks, Mops, Cleaning supplies (sponges, laundry detergent, bleach - SMALLER BOTTLES ARE BETTER), fresh food (especially fruits & vegetables!), canned food, gas

Requests from Rockaway Youth Task Force, 321 Beach 57th St, needs canned food after 10am tomorrow and everyday.

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, at the firehouse at Beach 59th and Beach Channel Drive needs a generator, lights, and a PRINTER. Ask for Jeanne. **Note that the Firehouse at Beach 59th Street is no longer accepting donations.

Post Office at Beach Channel Drive and Beach 59 needs hot food to distribute in the daylight hours, as well as batteries, blankets, candles, flashlights and a generator, gas, and power strips.

People will need things out there for a long time. If you’d like to donate to a place where we can guarantee things will get distributed in the coming days, bring the following items to the Gowanus Studio Space, 166 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215. You can also mail things (ATTN: RELIEF), but money is quicker: Batteries, Flashlights, Non perishable food, Firewood, Blankets, Duraflame Logs, Charged Power Tools, Industrial Trash Bags, Hand Tools, Water, Generators, Pumps, Toiletries, Cleaning Supplies, Diapers and wipes

Where to send it: donate to CAAAV; they are supporting direct efforts by distrbuting financial resources on the ground immediately to folks in Rockaway via a distributed network of trusted community based organizations:

Doctors, RN’s and other folks who can write or deliver Rxs are still needed at every food/goods distribution point. Contact who is coordinating these efforts.



For more from the Red Cross or to donate, visit

For local Red Cross chapters:

New York

New Jersey


For more from the Salvation Army or to donate, visit

For local Salvation Army chapters:




If you’re interested in helping animals find safe haven and good care after the hurricane, the Humane Society of the United States and the American Humane Association have teams working on the problem and they need your help. Donations are especially needed to help rescue stranded pets and aid animals currently in shelters.

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