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No- Fee Peter Cooper Village & Stuyvesant Town Rentals Available now!

July 15, 2012

Did you know: Peter Stuyvesant, the last Director-General of New Netherland after which Stuyvesant Town is named, was the primary antagonist in the 1939 musical Knickerbocker Holiday? As endearing as this title sounds, the musical is a much more grim prospect, involving fascism, hangings, and physical assault. However, the goal of this article isn't to alert you to the pressing concerns of the 17th century Dutch-American elite, but simply to point out the appealing aspects of renting an apartment in Peter Cooper Village or Stuyvesant Town: two of the best neighborhoods on the East Side today. Perhaps, in these beautiful park-like communities, you'll be able to find your own knickerbocker holiday.

Stuyvesant Town Rentals | 252 First Avenue

Stuyvesant Town Rentals

Stuy Town is well loved and lauded by its residents, and with good reason. It's a tight-knit community, with it's own force of peace officers and complex-wide newspaper Town & Village. Throughout the neighborhood, you'll find plentiful amounts of green space in sharp contrast to the rest of NYC, with a central park, basketball courts, paddle tennis, and a seasonal ice skating rink. The apartments are spacious and inviting, with plenty of bang for the buck, and for the pet lovers out there, all the apartments are pet friendly. You really can't go wrong with the quiet, generous community of Stuyvesant Town; however, note that this complex is pretty big, and transportation and nearby amenities can vary widely depending on where you are within the property.

Available No-Fee Apartments:

Peter Cooper Village Rentals

Peter Cooper Village differs from Stuy Town in two important respects. Firstly, it borders 23rd Street, placing it above the sub-20th Street Stuy Town and closer to Kips Bay. Secondly, it's not named Stuyvesant Town. Otherwise, these two areas are basically identical, sharing parks, magazines, and building styles. Peter Cooper Village is just slightly more upscale than Stuyvesant Town, featuring larger rooms and more expensive rentals, and the neighborhood surrounding the complex has been described as more laid back and quiet, preferring subdued restaurants over a raging nightlife. Either way, this is a great village for couples and families looking to settle in for a while and take a step back from the hectic NYC bustle.

Luxury Doorman/Laundry Apartments

Rentenna Score: 73 (Very Good)