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2015 New York Neighborhood Rankings

July 31, 2015

Everybody loves rankings. The funny thing is it doesn’t really matter what they’re about - people just like them. From The Best Football (Soccer) Transfers to The Weirdest Towns in America online rankings are now a staple of our day to day lives. But so many of those rankings are just so useless. So we decided to fix that and give you some rankings that you can actually use. Over the next few weeks we’re going to rank the top 5 neighborhoods in each borough based on a combination of major factors - safety, cost of living, school quality, building quality, and a variety of quality of life factors. Check out the full ranking system here.

Want to find out where your neighborhood ranks in your borough? Check out each top 5 below. We’ll link to the rankings for each borough as they come out.

Best Neighborhoods in New York

Top 5 Neighborhoods in Manhattan 
Top 5 Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 
Top 5 Neighborhoods in Bronx  
Top 5 Neighborhoods in Queens

Worst Neighborhoods in New York

Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Manhattan 
Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Brooklyn  
Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Bronx 
Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Queens

Maybe your neighborhood isn’t at the top or the bottom of the rankings. Maybe you live somewhere that’s just average. Check out the full rankings below to find out

Complete NYC Neighborhood Rankings

Full Neighborhood Rankings - Manhattan 
Full Neighborhood Rankings - Brooklyn 
Full Neighborhood Rankings - Bronx 
Full Neighborhood Rankings - Queens

These rankings leave you wanting more details about any neighborhood or building in NYC? Get your AddressReport and learn the full story.