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New York Landfill | CitiVision Developer Imagines NYC as a Massive Landfill

July 12, 2012

[caption id="attachment_3058" align="alignnone" width="500"]CityVision New York Landfill The winning entry from the CitiVision Design Competition 2012.[/caption]

New York's CityVision 2012, a yearly competition to encourage students, artists, and wannabe geniuses to develop the wackiest vision for the future NYC, has topped themselves again. This year, they've awarded the top prize to four designers who apparently envision New York City as a gigantic landfill, filling the entire city up to about the 60th level of the Empire State Building. Ignoring the implications about the enormous amounts of waste that we'd collectively have to pump out to have this much trash by 2076, it's both a novel and a weird-ass idea. Check out the pictures:

[caption id="attachment_3059" align="alignnone" width="500"]CityVision New York Landfill 2 You can see the Empire State Building encased in the bottom left photo.[/caption]

My main complaint with this entry? The actual photos submitted look more like some hipster interpretation of some Instragrammed interior design than an actual plan of the city. If they'd included multiple blueprints and aerial views of the entire city, I might actually have a clue of what's going on rather than feeling like I'm in that indie part of Youtube again.

But that's just my architectural side speaking. Second place is an even more rad proposition: because the sea level has risen approximately four times the actual amount of water in all of the ice caps and Antarctica combined, America has decided to build a humongous and expensive wall around New York City. And as the final remaining enclave of the great cities on the East Coast, NYC then decides to turn itself into an archaeological monument.

[caption id="attachment_3060" align="alignnone" width="500"]CitiVision 2nd Prize Landfill NYC I honestly thought this was the landfill design for the first 3 minutes of looking at it.[/caption]

But actually. After going to the financial effort to build colossal walls approximately the height of the Freedom Tower and equally as wide, the architects then decided "Oh, looks like nobody wants to live in Manhattan anymore. I guess we can just keep it as a monument to the worst-planned architectural project of all time! And if you want, we can even throw in something about the wastefulness of America in a world where 3/4ths of our arable land mass is flooded.

So that's my opinion on this CitiVision project: incredibly cool looking and Instragrammed, but less relevant to real life than the movie Armageddon. Want more insightful, biased, and probably incoherent commentary? Give us a +1 on Google Plus or a "Like" on Facebook.