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New York City Beer Week 2013 | The Definitive Guide

February 27, 2013

NYC Beer Week 2013 has arrived, and Rentenna has your definitive guide to the festivities, with a day-by-day breakdown of the week's brew-soaked events, ticket prices, dates, and venues below.

Schedule and Dates for NYC Beer Week 2013

New York City Beer Week commences on Friday, February 22 and actually runs until Sunday, March 3. Yeah, it's technically longer than a week. So yeah, the name of the entire event is entirely inaccurate. Point is, Beer Week lasts longer than a week, which is a very happy thing.

New York City Beer Week 2013 Events

Beer Week kicks off with an "opening night" celebration from 7-10pm on Friday, February 22nd. The opening night bash takes place from 7-10pm at the Galapagos Art Space (16 Main Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn). From there the events come at you faster than your home-brew challenged roommate can scream "Wait, what the hell's a wort chiller?"

Schedule of Events by Day

After the opening night bash, the rest of the Beer Festival's events are broken down by day, with oodles of happenings spread across the city:

Featured Events

In addition to the various Beer Week specials offered at venues across New York (see day-by-day breakdown above), there are a few "Featured Events" worth highlighting in particular (these events are paid or ticketed):

As mentioned previously, on February 22, there's the NYC Beer Week Opening Night Party, taking place in DUMBO. NYC Beer Week Opening Night Party tickets cost $45 and get you an official tasting glass, live bands, and all the booze you can gulp from more than 20 craft breweries.

On February 27, there's the NYC Brewer's Choice event, running from 6-10pm at City Winery on 155 Varick Street (an area that sits somewhere between TribecaSoHo, and the West Village in Manhattan).  Brewer's Choice event tickets cost $60 for "early birds" and $75 for regular admission, which gets you access to over 20 brewers from over 20 breweries, matched up with delectable eats from local NYC chefs.

On March 3, there's the NYC Beer Week Closing Party, which runs from 12pm-4pm at La Birreria at Eataly (200 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan's Flatiron District). For admission to the Closing Party, go directly to the La Birreria website and call up to reserve a table or head over to UrbanSpoon to make the reservation online; the event is pay-as-you-eat/drink.

Buying New York City Beer Week Tickets

For most of the events during Beer Week, you should just show up at the venue in question to take advantage of their particular specials on that day (refer to the day-by-day schedule breakdown in the links above to see which venues are hosting Beer Week events on a particular day). If you prefer a geographic breakdown, here's a full list of participating venues.

The exceptions to this show-up-and-party approach are the festival's three Featured Events. Details on those events and links to where you can buy tickets for each are provided above, in the Featured Events section.

Navigating NYC Beer Week 2013

Confused by the massive lineup of Beer Week events?

Well, fortunately for you, them boys at Thrillist put together a Beer Week chart to guide your NYCBW decision-making (click to expand):

New York Beer Week: What it's About and How to Stay Connected

Now in its 5th incarnation, New York City Beer Week is run under the auspices of the New York City Brewers Guild, an organization whose mission is to promote awareness of, and foster the growth of, the craft brewery industry in New York City.

New York City Brewers Guild Brewers

NYCBG member breweries include:

  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Bronx Brewery
  • Chelsea Brewing
  • Eataly Birreria
  • KelSo
  • Heartland Brewery
  • Shmaltz Brewing
  • Sixpoint Brewing
  • 508 GastroBrewery
  • City Island Beer Company
  • Rockaway Brewing

Beer Week Social Media

If you're thirsting for more Beer Week info, or just looking for a way to keep posted on the regular, follow the Beer Week Twitter account or Beer Week's Facebook page.

And for more NYC event and festival info, follow the AddressReport Facebook Page. If you don't even live in NYC yet, check out  AddressReport for a complete set of info about any address or neighborhood.