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Meet BrickUnderground's new 'Rent Coach' at next week's RentNYC Meetup

July 14, 2011

So why is BrickUnderground so pleased to welcome aboard our new Rent Coach columnist, Mike Akerly? Easy: As a NYC real estate attorney, experienced broker, landlord and renter, Mike single-handedly covers all bases of the NYC renter experience. Plus, he's really smart and we like his no-nonsense attitude.

Check out his first column, drop him a question, or better yet, come say hello next week at BrickUnderground's RentNYC MeetupRegister now to guarantee a spot at the mixer-style coffee morning upstairs at 'Wichcraft (20th & Broadway) on Wed., July 20th, from 8:30am-10am.

Yours truly will host, sponsor Insurent Lease Guaranty will buy beverages and demystify lease guarantor requirements, and the following experts will be on hand to chat about all things rental:

  • Steven Wagner, landlord-tenant lawyer, Wagner Davis PC
  • Sofia Song, research director,
  • Jill Urban, real estate reporter, NY1 News
  • Diane Sonis, neighborhood expert,
  • Caren Maio, BrickUnderground's Serial Renter columnist and co-founder of
  • Mike Akerly, BrickUnderground's Rent Coach columnist and a NYC real estate attorney, broker, landlord and renter

Hope to see you there!