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The Map of New York City TV Sitcom Locations

May 17, 2015

Sitcom writers and producers have long held a love affair with New York City. Taxi, The King of Queens, Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, The Jeffersons, Night Court, 30 Rock, The Cosby ShowSex In The City... Some of the most iconic situational comedies in television history were based in NYC (even though many were filmed on a soundstage on the other side of the country).

This map of New York City shows where these sitcoms were supposed to take place:

Map of New York City TV Sitcom Locations

Illustrator Dan Meth's NYC Sitcom Map is the third entry in the illustrator's A Series of Pop-Cultural Charts. Of course, he had much to choose from: Wikipedia has a massive running list of TV shows set in NYC.

Interesting exercise to have mind blown: cross-reference the make-believe NYC sitcom map with our map of where the real-life celebrities live in New York (or the map of what celebrities pay for rent in NYC).

If you'd like a more national (and epically nostalgia-inducing) perspective, Meth followed up his NYC sitcom map with a map plotting sitcom locations across the country overall.