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Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Most Cars

December 03, 2015

Who Owns the Cars in New York City?

Everybody knows it’s no fun to try to drive a car in NYC. From dealing with double-parked vehicles, to lane-swerving taxis, to helmetless Citi Bike riders, to New York's notorious traffic congestion, it’s a hassle and a hazard to try to drive around and park in many parts of the city, so most of us just stick to taking the subway. 

That's the stereotype, anyway. But just how many New Yorkers own cars? And where do all these car owners live?

The data team at AddressReportbroke down the most recent American Community Survey to rank the Manhattan neighborhoods with the highest and lowest percentage of households that own at least one car.

The results were surprising - even knowing that New Yorkers drive way less frequently than people in the rest of the country.

Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Most Cars

Based on our analysis Tribeca is the Manhattan neighborhood where residents are most likely to have a car. But even still, only 36% of households have cars. That pales in comparison to the US as a whole, where nearly 95% of the population have cars. But then again the rest of the US doesn’t have a subway that can get them anywhere they want.

The top five neighborhoods were:

Neighborhood:                                    Percentage of Households With Cars
Upper East Side28%
Battery Park City28%
Union Square27%
Upper West Side24%

Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Fewest Cars

Tribeca had about ⅓ the cars of the average US neighborhood and Hell’s Kitchen has about ⅓ of that! With only 11% of households having cars Hell’s Kitchen easily won the award for the Manhattan neighborhood with the fewest households with cars. Most of the nieghborhoods with the fewest cars have major subway lines running through them, meaning that cars are even less necessary than in the rest of Manhattan

The bottom five neighborhoods were:

Neighborhood:                                    Percentage of Households With Cars
Hell's Kitchen11%
Kip's Bay13%
Financial District14%
East Village15%

Picking the Best Neighborhood to Live In

Honestly if you’re looking to live in NYC your decision of where to live probably isn’t extremely dependent on whether your neighborhood is good for your car. Although if it is then it seems like Tribeca is the place for you. But there are a number of other factors you probably do want to consider if you’re looking for a new place

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