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The Manhattan Food Delivery Heatmap: Where to Live in NYC If You Love to Order In

January 19, 2015

You know those days, Manhattan-ites, in the deep dead of winter, when there’ is just nothing worse than putting on your raggedy old winter hat, struggling into a big puffy coat, and heading out in search of dinner?

Well, winter lethargy is what food delivery was made for, and no one caters to its citizens' entitled craving for hot-food-on-demand like New York City -- and we've finally got the hard data to prove it!

If you're the kind of person who wants to maximize his or her pig-out to limb-movement ratio, don't even think about signing your next lease until you've plotted any prospective dwellings on the map below:

The Manhattan, NYC Food Delivery Heatmap by AddressReport

Manhattan Food Delivery Heatmap by Address Report

Based on an analysis of over 5,000 restaurants offering delivery on the island, AddressReport's Manhattan Food Delivery Heatmap provides a block-by-block visualization of the neighborhoods boasting the greatest selection of food delivery options.

Reading the Heatmap:

  • Red indicates areas with a tremendous selection of restaurants that deliver.
  • Green indicates areas with a decent variety of food delivery options.
  • Blue indicates areas where you’d better be good with braving the elements, because you live in a delivery-deprived hinterland (relatively speaking; I mean, it's still New York).
  • The knife and fork icons highlight the top-rated restaurants that deliver in Manhattan, according to reviews by fellow Manhattan denizens.

The Best Places to Live in Manhattan for Food Delivery

A combination of perennially hip and recently up- and-coming neighborhoods between Midtown and Downtown dominate the delivery scene in Manhattan. The top echelon of neighborhoods, as measured by the density of restaurants offering food delivery, are:

  1. Noho
  2. Union Square
  3. Greenwich Village / East Village (tied)
  4. Flatiron / Gramercy (tied)
  5. Koreatown

(Cue shock and awe from bankers & corporate lawyers wondering how Midtown didn't make the top of the rankings.)

Ranking Food Delivery in Other Cities

The AddressReport data team ran similar food delivery analyses for several neighborhoods. Here's a selection of the other areas we've mapped for food delivery options:

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