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LIVE at Stonehenge: Using Technology to Share at Home

April 01, 2013

NYC Stonehenge Luxury Real Estate Live ConcertIn their continuing effort to create community and a platform for embracing the cultural ambiance of NYC, Manhattan-based real estate company Stonehenge Partners has launched LIVE at Stonehenge, an interactive way for artists, musicians, and leaders in the wellness industry to spread their talents and wisdom on the web.

Stonehenge launched this initiative, which includes inviting both live and virtual audiences to enjoy year-round entertainment, with the help of Google Hangout pioneer and musical talent Daria Musk. She performed from the legendary music center, The Brill Building, for 50 Stonehenge residents and special guests. In addition, an international audience of fans was invited to join the concert via Google Hangout, tremendously adding to the cultural depth of the evening.

After the success of this first concert, the Stonehenge team knew they were onto something. They quickly followed up with two more broadcast events: a concert featuring Dylan Reynolds and The Skillful Living Room, a monthly discussion with Dr. Michael Finkelstein.

“As landowners in Manhattan, we have a vested interest in garnering recognition for our city. Whether via YouTube, Google Hangout, or live streaming, Stonehenge is very interested in sharing our spaces, our city, and our initiatives with the world,” says Michael Stern, Stonehenge Creative Director. “We know that New York City is home to so many incredible talents and we are thrilled to use our spaces as an international platform to showcase all that New York has to offer.”