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Surviving Labor Day Weekend 2012 in NYC

August 29, 2012

The Labor Day holiday weekend -- capped by Labor Day on Monday, September 3, 2012 -- represents the unofficial end of summer (the official first day of fall isn't until September 22) and, for many New Yorkers, a final chance at a mini-vacation before the crushingly depressing responsibilities of school, work, and/or family pick up in the fall.

If you've been too busy Facebooking working to figure out proper NYC Labor Day vacation plans, you may be approaching full-on freak-out mode, assuming you're doomed to a horrible Labor Day 2012 weekend.

Escaping New York over Labor Day Vacation 2012

Of course, if you were a twitter-trending, world-famous top male model, you could just hop Mugatu's private jet to an amazing private island with your friends, where you'd trip on acid, chill with spider monkeys who can flash the "Blue Steel" look without a hitch, and basically change your whole perspective on s%*t. Cool!

Problem: You are not a top male model.

Buck up, mr. pouts-n-stuff face.  Even though you're not part of the jet-set crowd, you've still got a great chance at a last-minute luxury-ish escape. In Upstate New York, there's a whole world of cute little towns, boutique hotels, and romantic cottages to explore.  If you know a town you want to stay in, avoid hotels / motels and explore stay options on airbnb, where you can find unique arrangements from an open room in a family's house, to a rustic cottage, to an entire vacation home for rent -- and far more openings than you might find on a traditional hotel booking site.

It's very likely, however, that you'll be stuck staying in NYC for the duration of the Labor Day break. In that case, the NYC rentals experts (read: poorly compensated interns) at AddressReport have assembled a list of convenient, affordable NYC Labor Day weekend activities for 2012 you still have enough time (and, we hope, the ca$h money) to take advantage of:

Staying in NYC for Labor Day Weekend 2012

It may sound like a New Yorker's worst nightmare come true, but bear with us: if you're running out of time to make proper Labor Day vacation plans, feeling too lazy to hustle a trip together, or just love NYC so much you hate to leave her for even a long weekend, it turns out that New York City is more inviting and accessible over Labor Day weekend than at any other time.

Because no one wants to stay and swelter here.

If you're insane enough not to flee for cooler climates, however, New York over Labor Day weekend is truly yours for the taking. Some attractions to consider:

  • Hundreds of restaurants in NYC have agreed to extend the summer Restaurant Week promotion through September 3
  • Tickets to top Broadway shows are far easier to come by than at any other time of the year
  • The US Open runs from August 27 - September 9. Grab a ticket or check out this list of places to watch The US Open in NYC.
  • The Electric Zoo 2012 music festival on Randall's Island Park runs from August 31 - September 2
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (both the main building at Fifth Avenue & 82nd Street and The Cloisters museum) is open
  • The Labor Day Parade 2012 (except for the wee wrinkle that it's completely boring and actually takes place on Saturday, September 8th)
  • The West Indian American Labor Day Parade, taking place in Brooklyn from August 30 - September 3, is a truly invigorating event that attracts upwards of 2 million attendees each year
  • Popular throughout the year, The High Line on New York's west side is a 1-mile elevated park -- recovered from the abandoned elevated New York Central Railroad -- that runs up from New York's Meatpacking District  through the northern reaches of Chelsea, providing visitors with an interesting collection of flora, relaxing modern benches, tasty treats for purchase, and a unique perspective on the NYC skyline. Incidentally, both The Meatpacking and Chelsea neighborhoods are worth spending time wandering about in their own rights -- great bookends to your High Line experience.

If you're looking for more NYC Labor Day ideas, see AddressReport on Facebook!