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Insurent Lease Guarantor Service Apartments | Rentals that Accept Insurent

July 16, 2012

Insurent, a service that serves as a guarantor for renters who fall below those ridiculous 40x - 50x income requirements, is a godsend for many. For a small monthly fee, it'll foot the responsibility for a defaulted rent, allowing you to rent that apartment you've always wanted without having to ask your entire family and then some to match you as a guarantor. Furthermore, it'll support you even if you have no credit, helping you to meet those pesky requirements without hassle.

But you're still wondering: if I use Insurent, what apartments will possibly take me? As it turns out, hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds. A full list of Insurent accepted apartments is shown here, as listed by AddressReport. But for the purposes of this article, we're going to bring you the best of the best. 

5. Trump Place | 160 Riverside Boulevard

Trump Place Insurent Accepted

All of us have a mental image of what a Trump Place apartment is supposed to be like, and this one doesn't disappoint. Donald's magnificent complex on the Hudson River features a gorgeous lobby, inlaid wood paneling, a fitness center, and even a lounge with a pool table for the classy customer! You won't be missing out if you rent a place here. We'll give this Insurent-accepted building a 95 out of 100, a surefire "premier" in our books.

Average Prices:

  • Studio - $2,718
  • 1 Bedroom - $3,546
  • 2 Bedrooms - $6,878

4. Longacre House | 305 West 50th Street

Longacre House Insurent Accepted

Longacre, located in the Theatre District, is the ideal destination for the cosmopolitans at heart who have no option but to settle down. It's three blocks from the brightly lit goodness that is Times Square, and a hop away from the numerous Broadway shows, comedy clubs, and swarms of professional photographers (read: hipster tourists) that crowd the area. The building is suave and restrained, with a warm and modernistic theme, and the doormen are rumored to be the nicest in all of NYC. 

Average Prices:

  • Studio - $3,072
  • 1 Bedroom - $3,595
  • 2 Bedrooms - $5,330

3. The Ritz Plaza | 235 West 48th Street

Ritz Plaza Insurent Accepted

Also in Times Square, this building offers a great price for the benefits of every possible amenity ever. Just to list a few of them out, it's pet-friendly, has a full time doorman, a concierge, an indoor pool, a rooftop deck, a garage, valet parking, a fitness center, WiFi, and a general lounge. Oh, and did we mention it accepts Insurent? This hot one's going at a starting price of $3,500.

Average Prices:

  • 1 Bedroom - $3,538
  • 2 Bedrooms - $5,570

2. The Bamford | 333 East 56th Street

Bamford Insurent Accepted

The Bamford is a gorgeous castle that offers a refreshing blend of neo-modern architecture with classic Victorian furniture design and artwork. The indoor pool has an excellent sunroof, for those of you who want to tan and swim, and the rooms are large and bright, with marble bathrooms and great views. An excellent choice for those of you looking to live in Midtown East.

Average Prices:

  • 1 Bedroom - $3,297
  • 2 Bedrooms - $5,328

1. Port 10 | 303 Tenth Avenue

Port 10 Insurent Accepted

The all-around best choice on this list, Port 10 is a minimalistic, well-designed building with tons of amenities, excellent value, great user and landlord reviews, and a superb location in the heart of Chelsea. The rooftop is one of the nicest I've seen in all of Manhattan, with a projector for late-night movies, and the fitness room is straight out of a professional gym. Hit this up for the top Insurent-Accepted building in Manhattan.

Average Prices:

  • 1 Bedroom - $3,893
  • 2 Bedrooms - $4,646
  • 3 Bedrooms - $6,250