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Innovative New York City Rental Startup Officially Launches Public Beta

September 22, 2011 offers a free apartment rating tool that shows renters whether a particular apartment is where they would want to live.

09.22.2011–     New apartment rating engine officially launches its public beta today for apartment-seekers in New York City. Combining the insider knowledge of an experienced New York rental agent with proprietary data processing and scoring technology, the Manhattan-based startup analyzes thousands of data points to calculate a 0-99 Rental Score that reveals whether a building is somewhere a renter would want to live.

At launch, Rentenna offers ratings on over 7,000 apartment buildings in New York City and its surrounding areas, with the site adding new buildings on a daily basis. Scores are updated continually to reflect the latest available data, so no matter when they search renters can uncover what they’d be getting in an apartment building before they sign a lease.

The company, whose apartment scoring algorithm factors both quantitative and qualitative attributes into its building ratings, was founded by former New York City rental agent and New York Times rental expert Alicia Schwartz and technology entrepreneurs Sandeep Kella and A. Kayvon Bina.

“There are so many factors that go into finding the right apartment,” says Schwartz. “Is this a good deal? Are subways close by? Is this a safe neighborhood? I’ve been advising renters in NYC for years on how to avoid scams and find the perfect apartment, but I couldn’t possibly help every renter out there personally. Now Rentenna’s Apartment Rental Score effectively does that for me.”


Founded in 2011, offers an interactive apartment scoring engine that analyzes thousands of data points to help renters quickly determine whether a NYC apartment building is somewhere they would want to live.