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How To Make Your Apartment Cozy | A Step-By-Step Guide

June 26, 2012

Looking to get a professional designer to make your apartment more intimate? Skip it. Here's 4 insider tips on how to make your apartment as cozy as you need it to be.

1. Soft Lighting Smooths Your Apartment Out

First, add some mood lighting. To give your room a softer, more cozy appearance, use incandescent lights to dim the room while taking on a warmer, more approachable glow. If incandescent lights are too hot or not energy-efficient enough, use incandescent-colored lights to achieve the same effect. Two tips: larger lightbulbs will allow the light to curve more gradually around corners, blurring shadow edges, and moving a lightbulb closer to an object will also achieve the same effect. Finally, aiming the light at a wall or a shade rather than a person will also diffuse the light and allow it to expand naturally. That's why professional decorators use table lamps so often: they really set the mood. This is the most important step when looking for how to make your apartment cozy.

2. Coordinate Colors

Next, you'll want to make sure your color palette is consistent, or at least not clashing. Unifying the theme of a room can help incredibly to make it appear more natural and intimate, as opposed to a clutter of shapes, colors, and style choices. Preferably, use a warm palette for the best color matching; warm colors generally are easier to blend and offer massive benefits in terms of what is colloquially deemed "optimal coziness". If your apartment windows are facing the sun, such as the views from the gorgeous Roosevelt Island, then you'll want to coordinate colors even more: sunlight is the best exposer of poor palette design.

3. Bend it Like Beckham

And by bending it, we mean adding some curves. The bane of any professional home designer when creating an intimate, appealing room is hard edges, and it'll be the same for your apartment. If you can, find a rug with circular or flowing patterns. Put up artwork by Van Gogh or Pino Daeni. Center your furniture around a single point, so that they collectively radiate and create a subtle ellipse. Avoid hard edges at any cost: they remove the familiarity of the room and set it apart from the user.

4. Pillows, Pillows Everywhere

That's right. Toss them on everything. It's been scientifically proven by our in-house pillow testers that every pillow increases the appeal of a room by 62%. Have you ever wondered why every hotel room ever leaves you with four normal pillows, two decorative pillows, and those super long cylindrical pillows near the end of your bed? It's because they know you'll love them, even though they serve no utility whatsoever.  Furthermore, visitors to your apartment will immediately sink back into all the pillows, relax, and feel right at home. An easy way to score a hot date? You bet it is.

Are you still looking for decorating tips, or alternatively, still stuck in the apartment search? Head over to AddressReport and sink into the critical mass of pillows we've set up on our site.