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Hot Doorman Nominee of the Week: George, the singing doorman of Tribeca!

April 24, 2012

Some amazing nominations for Rentenna's Hot Doorman Contest have been rolling in these couple weeks, including the mystery hot doormen and the patriotic doorman with the crazy beach body -- but here's one so likely to warm your jaded New York heart that we just had to share.

Kristin, Tommy, and David of The Barbarian Group, one of NYC's leading digital creative agencies, caught wind of the Hot Doorman Contest and came out full force on behalf of their man George, the tender-singing doorman of TriBeCa's 11 Beach Street. With video evidence of George's daily crooning on offer, the trio presented a compelling case for their nominee.

We present said video of George below, after the jump, for your mid-workweek viewing pleasure:

Within a day of George's nomination, it became apparent that this much-beloved TriBeca building doorman has something of an intense following.  And no wonder: wouldn't you appreciate his morning evening serenade in your building lobby?

As of this posting, Singing George is up to 5 total nominations, with nearly 30 people "liking" his candidacy on the contest Facebook Page. These "likes" are largely symbolic -- actual voting for the Hot Doorman Contest hasn't yet commenced (nominations continue 'till end of April, and voting kicks off May 12th) -- but early returns suggest George will be a tough competitor to beat! We only wish he'd been nominated prior to last week's Wall Street Journal piece -- we're guessing he would've made for an outstanding interview.

Want to keep track of how George and our other Hot Doorman nominees fare in the contest voting (or want to vote on the doormen yourself)? Head on over to the Rentenna Facebook page and "Like" us to be kept posted!