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Hostel Living in NYC!

January 25, 2012

By: Jessica Festa

Depending on how much time you have, sometimes you may need to arrive in New York before you secure your dream NYC apartment. Instead of splurging on an expensive hotel while you conduct your apartment search, why not stay in a hostel?

While hostels sometimes get a bad reputation thanks to poorly made, outlandish Hollywood films, they are actually an inexpensive and fun type of accommodation that can actually help you get to the know the city through tours, activities, workshops, and a social atmosphere. Many also offer free breakfasts, plan events, private rooms, and have friendly staff that will show you around the city themselves when they’re not working. Here are some top hostel choices for someone who has moved to New York but has not yet secured an apartment:

NY Moore Hostel

The NY Moore Hostel is a brand new hostel located just outside of the hip and trendy Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. The space is impeccably clean, and the rooms are more like penthouse suites than dorms. In the warmer months, guests can relax in their outdoor terrace area. Another perk? Free Wi-Fi means you don’t have to worry about racking up charges will you search for your perfect New York apartment.

Hostelling International- New York

Hostelling International- New York is located in the Upper West Side, right in the heart of some of the city’s best nightlife and restaurants. The hostel is enormous, featuring a ballroom that often holds parties and events,  game room, lounge, cafe, theater, art gallery, kitchen/dining area, and the largest private patio and garden in Manhattan. And for those who want to help the environment, the accommodation is an eco-friendly property, taking part in recycling programs and using 100% energy-star approved appliances and electronics as well as 100% fluorescent lightbulbs. Moreover, to aid in the search for the dream apartment, internet access and free Wi-Fi are available.

Chelsea International Hostel 

Located in the famous historic and art-gallery rich area of Chelsea, this hostel is in the safest area of the city. Moreover, if you’re into exploring New York’s nightlife, it is close to an array of Chelsea venues as well as adjacent to the hip and lively Greenwich Village. Activities and events like pub crawls, city tours, pizza parties, movie nights, and cookouts will allow you to explore the Big Apple while making new friends. And don’t worry, computer and wireless connection is available to help you in your apartment search

Bio: "Jessica Festa is team member at WeHostels, the First Social Booking site for Hostels, Beds and Couches. With profiles for travelers the world over, and relationships with hostels, beds and couches in over 700 cities across the globe, WeHostels offers travelers of all stripes the opportunity to connect with fellow wanderers and find their ideal accommodations before their trip even starts."