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8 Octavia in Hayes Valley

March 09, 2014

Hayes Valley is a fashionable, historic neighborhood in San Francisco, nestled between the districts of Alamo Square and Civic Center. Residents of the luxury high rise condominiums at 8 Octavia can enjoy convenient access to the San Francisco opera, the symphony and theatre district, Hayes Valley is a mecca for the culture lovers. Hayes Street is known for an abundance shoe stores, clothing boutiques and design shops, as well as some of San Francisco's best restaurants: Absinthe, Suppenkuche, Zuni Café, and neighborhood stalwart, the Hayes Street Grill. The Victorian, Queen Anne, and Edwardian architecture so characteristic of this neighborhood now rub shoulders with new developments in a fresh, modern style. Residents of the 8 Octavia condos in San Francisco will also want to take advantage of Hayes Valley's bustling commercial center, which is made up of the section of Hayes Street running from approximately Laguna Street in the west to Franklin Street in the east, with extensions on perpendicular Gough and Laguna Streets. The success of the current commercial district was, ironically, helped in part by the destruction caused by the 1989 earthquake to the Central Freeway, which had entrance ramps on Franklin and Gough streets. The freeway was an eyesore and created noise pollution that kept businesses and foot traffic away. Not long after that part of the freeway came down, the community began to transform, and commerce moved in. Unlike some other parts of San Francisco, Hayes Valley has managed to retain a historic sense of Bohemian character despite the changing landscape.