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Happy Valentines Day: The 5 hazards of living (and dating) in NYC!

February 13, 2012

1. You have a kick ass bachelor pad, but the rents so high that you can't afford to go out.

Solution: Why pay $5,000 a month for it if you can't flaunt it? Invite that special someone over for a special meal for 2, go that extra step and create a "signature" cocktail just for them.

2.  Your apartment is so small/cluttered/messy you dont want anyone else to see the inside of it.

Solution: hopefully with all that money your saving on rent and cleaning services you were able to put some away for a night on the town. Treat her (and yourself) to a night of dinner and dancing.

3.  Roommate is a buzz kill.

Solution: yeah we've been there. You wanna celebrate your everlasting love for each other. But your roommate just got dumped and has been moping around on the couch in a bathrobe. With no end in sight. Take this as an opportunity to explore NYC. Besides what's the point of living in the greatest city in the world if your just gonna stay in?

4. You love curry, you love your neighbors but not when the two are responsible for that funky smell in your hallway.

Solution: Well this might be a question best handled by Dr. Phil. Or your real estate agent. But in the meantime, sushi anyone?

5. You somehow got stuck with the lucky combination of: All of the above.

Solution:  Go out too the local neighborhood dive bar to show her how unpretentious you are, for drinks only! You know that the tuna tartar and sushi is what will really cost a pretty penny.

Bonus: You still live with your parents.

Solution: We know times are tough and so should your significant other. But if you want to avoid an awkward morning after, splurge for a hotel room for the night. Room service is much more pleasant when it's not your little sister knocking on your door.