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Global Festival NYC 2012 | Feat. Neil Young, Foo Fighters

August 13, 2012

The Global Festival Concert, to be hosted in New York City's very own Central Park Great Lawn, is the latest in the recent wave of celebrity concerts to benefit charitable causes, from USA For Africa's famous We Are the World to Al Gore's Live Earth. However, the Global Festival in 2012 distinguishes itself in a unique and creative way; this time around, you can only get in through charity work on behalf of those in extreme poverty. Up for the task? Here's what you need to do to see Neil Young, the Black Keys, the Foo Fighters, Band of Horses, and K'naan for FREE.

Global Festival 2012 Schedule

The festival will take place on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 on the Great Lawn, Central Park, New York City. It'll start at 5:00 PM, and go on until every human in the immediate vicinity is completely worn out from too much amazing music, great company, and general feelings of do-goodery. Here's a map of the location courtesy of Gothamist, which is essentially just a photoshopped oval colored green with the locations of the VIP seats:

Global Festival Concert Tickets 2012

How are you gonna get your hands on those prized free tickets? Head over to The Global Festival's Concert Page and check out the requirements. To be entered in a raffle for 2 free tickets to the concert, you have to earn at least 3 points by doing some of the following tasks:

  • Signing up for Global Citizen (1 Point)
  • Watching a video promoting funding for extreme poverty (1 Point)
  • Signing a petition (3 Points)
  • Writing or calling your representative in Congress (10 Points)
  • Etc.
You can find the complete list on the website, but rest assured, it won't be difficult to earn the necessary points to get in the raffle! Any extra points you get go directly towards your sense of well-being, charity, and entitlement at being a human who possesses an internet connection and is therefore likely not in extreme poverty.

VIP Tickets for the Global Concert in NYC

Of course, you don't necessarily have to go through the raffle process if you're willing to donate a significant sum of money towards the Global Project's cause. You can grab three levels of VIP tickets to the concert, which will seat you from the very first row to directly in front of that 60,000 strong crowd of lucky individuals selected through raffling. Here's the ticket prices:

Note: They are currently out of all of the top VIP tickets, the Ultimate Global VIP Experience:

  • VIP2 - Premier Global VIP Experience (EARLY BIRD PRICE): $249.50
  • VIP3 - Global VIP Experience (EARLY BIRD PRICE):  $189.50

Any more information you need? Again, check out The Global Festival's Concert Page for up-to-date news. Or give us a like on AddressReport's Facebook, where we'll update you with anything else you need to know about the Global Festival.