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GFI Group responsible for Ace and NoMad Hotels add The Beekman to portfolio

April 20, 2014

If asked, some people might say modern is better than classic and vis-a-versa, but they would all agree that modern and classic are the best. We dare say that opposites attract and when these two collide, they form one extremely attractive brain child. Its name is The Beekman, and its creator is GFI Capital Resources Group who has also developed the masterpieces Ace and NoMad hotel. Hidden behind its nine stories of Victorian-esque brick and terracotta walls is a treasure box full of history and beauty.  Originally built in the 1800s, this classic piece of art had withstood the constantly changing horizons of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. The development team had decided that it was time The Beekman make its comeback as one of the most gorgeous works of art to have ever graced the bustling streets of New York City.  Featuring a 287 room deluxe hotel with exclusive amenities such as a rooftop terrace, multiple event spaces, two restaurants and an ambient lounge, the timeless building is making history of its own. 

Right next door is The Beekman Residences which features a total of 68 luxury condominiums available to those who crave the exclusive view from the sky-light at The Beekman every night of the year.  Embellished with gold brackets which are sculpted to look like dragons, leaf patterned metal grilles and walls with peeling paint to give it a vintage look, The Beekman does not hold back when it delivers valuable reminders of what classic luxury and beauty really looks like.  It was once viewed as an exclusive space in which only lawyers with the greatest of reputations may enter through its arched doors, but soon it will become a major hot spot for Manhattanites looking to spend their time with great company surrounded by beautiful historic artifacts.