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First Date Ideas: NYC | 8 Things She'll Love To Do

August 15, 2012

You need a first date destination in New York City that will impress her with your cosmopolitan edge, while displaying your sweet and sincere side. It needs to be an event that allows you to flex your ripped biceps at least once in public, or in other cases, it's gotta be just dark enough for her to ignore your lack of muscle mass. Whatever your needs, we've got it here. The best places to have a first date in NYC: eight things that she's GUARANTEED to love.

Romantic First Date Ideas NYC

1. Staten Island Ferry

On this date, you'll get the opportunity to chat with her casually for no less than 30 minutes going to Staten Island and back, with the wind blowing through your luscious hair and the salty smell of the sea overpowering your expensive cologne. Along the way, you'll see a Statue of Liberty lit up stunningly in the night, with a fantastic view of Manhattan from below. There's nothing more romantic than a boat ride. Oh, and did we mention it's free?

2. East River State Park

East River State Park is an excellent place to take a future wife on a date, or if that's not really your thing, just a girl who wants to be your future wife. It's quiet, romantic, without the hustle and bustle of Central Park that's usually crowded with tourists, and offers a spectacular waterfront view for a creative and beautiful first date.

3. Observation Deck of the Empire State Building

This one's strictly for out-of-towners. Though the native New Yorker may not be impressed, there's no more romantic place you can take someone than to the top of the world in the center of the world (no offense, Europe). Bonus: you can warm her up in the freezing winds once you're up there.

4. The Biggest IMAX In NYC

The IMAX Dome in the Liberty Science Center is quite frankly, amazing. In fact, it's so cool, films shown in there "are not suitable for children under 6." That's right, you're watching a film on a screen that's so awe-inspiring that there's an age limit just to sit inside. What's more, once you're finished with the movie, you can walk around the Science Center and pretend to be intelligent by pointing out every science term you vaguely recognize.

5. Dave & Buster's, Times Square

If you're more of the wild, playful type, here's a great first date idea for you: the best arcade / game room in New York City. Head down to Dave & Busters in Times Square, where you'll have a bustin' great time eating and drinking in a merry environment, followed by a few rounds of competitive racing, skee-ballin', or whatever else comes to your mind.

6. Coney Island

Go crazy on the spinning contraptions of Coney Island. Ride that rockin' rollercoaster up and down until you both can barely breathe, much less talk (which may be a good thing, for those of you less gifted in small talk). Finish off the evening with a shared cotton candy, a goodnight kiss, and a vow to do something slightly less exhausting next time you meet up.

7. The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room, a cafe based in Brooklyn that offers anything remotely brown and wonderful, is an interesting, unique, and delectable place to take a first date. What are the chances that a female you're trying to date loves chocolate? Exactly 100%. There's no going wrong with this one.

8. The Rockaways

This is a great summer vacation place, and consequently an excellent place to take your first date for a fun and invigorating time in NYC. Walk along the Boardwalk and go people-watching at dusk, or stretch out on the beach and enjoy sand in EVERYTHING for the next week or so. It's a perfect combination of romantic but exciting, and she'll be sure to be impressed.

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