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Do you know these mysterious hot doormen???

April 23, 2012
We love a good mystery. It's fun to face the challenge of putting all the clues together to solve the mystery ... especially when all clues point in the direction of hot men!
So, this is the mystery that was presented to us on our Facebook Contest page last week:

"They are not my doormen and I don't know their names, but the tenants of the two large buildings on the east side of West End Avenue between 85th and 86th Streets in Manhattan need to step up and nominate their doormen--the ones who work the afternoon-to-evening shift."

So, so far we know:
1) there are multiple hot men
2) they are concentrated in a single location
3) they are there in the afternoon
4) we will be telling all our girlfriends to be there in the afternoon tomorrow! ;)
But, we'd love to know more... What is the building name? What are the first names of these doormen?
Can anyone help us? If you live on the Upper West Side, and know of these mysterious hot doormen, please tell us some more about them. We'd love to get them officially nominated!


Oh, and if you have a doorman you think should be added to the list, post it here!