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Decorating Small Apartments | 5 Small Apartment Solutions

June 05, 2012

Let's face it: that two-hundred square foot apartment you just got seemed a lot bigger when they were selling it to you. Now that all your stuff is inside, it's suddenly shrunk by half; and no, that's not just due to the temperature. Short of knocking down a wall and commandeering your neighbor's bathroom, there's not much you can do to make your small apartment larger without some creative solutions. But you can still make it FEEL larger, and more beautiful as well. Here's five tips on how to pull every last inch of space out of your newly christened small apartment and decorate it like a pro.

1. We Are All One (Color)

Using a single color as the groundwork for your small apartment can really open things up. Choose a cool, airy color to start with, and as you decorate your apartment, stick as closely as you can to your choice; this helps to prevent color clashing and bright contrasts, which can make a room look cluttered, unorganized, and smaller. Don't fall into the decorating trap. Monochromaticize your home. (No, I don't know whether that's actually a word.)

2. Let it Shine

This is by far the simplest and most effective decorating solution to your woes. Brighten up the room! Natural light gives an area a much more inviting feel, free heating in the winter, and an excellent view to boot if you're in a New York City small apartment. If needed, knock out a wall or set up mirrors throughout your apartment. Which brings me to my next point....


3. Mirror, Mirror, Expand the Wall

It has been rigorously tested and scientifically proven that mirrors can make any small apartment look exactly twice as large. How this happens is a complete and utter mystery involving copious amounts of scientific numbers, but rest assured, it's true.  What does this mean for us? The more mirrors you use, the more space you get! Especially place mirrors in hallways and bathrooms, which can seem cramped and dark in small apartments; they'll brighten and expand the place up quick.


4. Let Your Furniture "Hover" In the Middle of The Room

Alright, there wasn't any title pun that could possibly convey this idea while still remaining comprehensible. Putting your couch, your coffee table, and your rugs in the center of the room will allow the edges of the room to be accessible to people and pets, giving the impression of greater openness and converting that wasted space in the center of the lounge to functional area. For added effect, place a desk or a table behind the hovering couch, so that you don't waste the space behind the couch as well.

5. Grab Some IKEA Storage Bins

No, this isn't an ad for IKEA, nor do we have any affiliation with them. But man, their storage options are fantastic. Using proper storage bins and shelves on your walls to store papers, shoes, and large objects can easily clean up your room and offer you greater flexibility, giving you space while also making your room neater. One of the top ideas for small apartment solutions. Warning: this option requires the possibility of actual manual labor. Don't attempt this at home.