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Contest Reminder: First winners on November 1st! Chance to win an iPad and monthly giveaways!

October 26, 2011

Share your true life “NYC Apartment” experience & win prizes!

Our goal at Rentenna is to develop a community of renters who can share their personal apartment experiences with each other as well as giving you objective criteria to know what an apartment is really like in our Rentenna Score.

Do you have a rental experience you would like to share? Add your review now by searching for your building here. If you can’t find your building on our site email us at hello@ and we will add it within 24 hours.


  • iPad Giveaways: For every 500 legitimate* reviews created and shared, we will give away an iPad!
  • Monthly Giveaways (next week on NOVEMBER 1st!!!): On the first day every month, we will give away 5 gift certificates ranging from $10.00-$50.00 off your favorite NYC restaurants and coffee shops! (Winners who no longer live in the NYC area will receive a Starbucks gift card of equivalent value instead.)


  1. Visit and connect via Facebook
  2. Find an apartment building where you live (or lived) in New York City and write a thoughtful review by clicking
    • If your building isn’t listed please email hello@ and we will add it within 24 hours.
    • *Legitimate: Deemed thoughtful and authentic by one of our staff. (Basically, use your common sense, or check out the examples below. One liners like "I like it" "I hate it" It's ok" will not be accepted.)

BONUS ENTRIES: If you share your apartment review on Facebook by clicking the "share" link after your review is posted you automatically receive an additional entry. You can review as many apartment buildings as you have lived in and share all of them on Facebook for maximum entries!


  • Winners will be notified directly via email.
  • You must be a current U.S. resident and 18 years or older to participate.
  • Duration: contest will be ongoing (visit our contest page for updates).